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'Wallaloha' was a hard achievement for winning the state of Hawaii as Wallace in the 1972b mod. It was removed during the Tex-Decstar dispute of July 2023. The achievement was later added to the Campaign Trail Showcase site.

The icon for the achievement, as it displayed when completed

Guide to the achievement[edit | edit source]

1. Shirley Chisholm? The Shirley Chisholm? You must be joking. No? Well... send her in.

2. To hell with cooling tensions. I will open with a full-on attack on busing and Washington big-wigs, all the classics. These hippies think they can run this party? I'll show them what the Democrats really want.'

3. Henry Jackson is an incredibly qualified man. He's been in the Senate for two decades, and he's done a fine job there. I can't think of a better man for Vice President.'

4. They say you shouldn't punch down in politics. Right now, McCarthy is a third party candidate, and he'll only get more popular if I call attention to him. We'd be best off ignoring him entirely.

5. Johnson needs to know that I'm a new man, not the segregationist he still thinks of when he hears my name. I'm happy to go to his ranch and see what he wants. Who knows, maybe we can have a good conversation while we're there.'

6. This just isn't a campaign to win. The party's more divided than it's ever been, and I can't tear it apart for a goal I most likely won't achieve. This campaign will be about unity and reconciliation as much as it is about taking the Oval Office.'

7. I disagree with the peace Democrats on a lot, but we can find common ground here in a number of places. I'm for a quick withdrawal, negotiations for peace, and the return of our boys from Vietnam.'

8. Absolutely not. Busing is wildly unpopular among my core base, and I'll score easy points with Republicans as well. We will come out against it, the same way we have in the primaries.

9. We need Scoop's help with northern voters, or we're as good as dead. I'll promise him that I'll adopt some of his ideas, especially when it comes to civil rights. That should get him excited.

10. We need to get these dangerous and illicit substances off our streets. A Wallace Administration would have no tolerance for drug dealers or users, and would do whatever's necessary to end this crisis.

11. Why wouldn't we slim the budget if they have no war to fight? I'd prefer to see those funds used to help the average American at home, instead of disappearing into the pockets of war profiteers.

12. Let's focus on other issues for now. I don't think I can really win with this one.

13. If we want any shot in this race, we need to bring Nixon’s numbers down to Earth. Let’s hit him with a nationwide attack campaign, slamming him on welfare, Vietnam, and his failed farm policies.

14. It all comes down to leadership. If I can get people like Meany and Woodcock on board, the rest of the union men will fall into place, and we'll easily take the labor vote from Nixon.

15. This is less a failure of the welfare system we have in place, and more of a failure on Nixon's part. His administration has completely failed to support the common man. It's no wonder that the number of dependents has increased under his leadership.

16. Trying to get kids to vote for you is like herding cats. They're all communists and drug freaks, anyways. I prefer to court voter blocks that will actually turn out this fall.

17. 3296

18. Anyone can see I've changed in the last four years. I'm a reformed man. We're going to put out a televised statement addressing Nixon's false attacks, and put this to bed once and for all.'

19. 1778

20. I'd like to put some region-focused ads up there. Emphasize my changed positions, my welfare stances, and my fight for the working man.

21. I'm going to give them my standard stump speech, as I would to any worker, North or South. These big-wigs need to understand they're following me, not the other way around.'

22. 3290

23. I'm not the right man to try and win these voters back - my record is too well known - but I think my running mate could have some real success with appealing to these voters. Let's put them out on tour.

24. Let's lay this out for the average American. Members of the CRP broke into Democratic headquarters to steal documents and bug phones. Now, we must ask the question - did Nixon know? If so, when? And what sort of environment leads to these decisions?

25. 3402

26. I don't want to mention this. Most people have moved on from this, and there's no way to gain ground on an issue where Nixon's actions were so popular.

27. The Family Assistance Plan, as it stands, would actually cut back on the welfare programs we have in place. I think we can all agree that our welfare system needs reform, but this is not how we should go about it.'

28. If peace is at hand, how come American boys are still dying in Vietnam? Kissinger's peace isn't even finished, and he's praising it as if we're out. This is a blatant political move on his part, and no American should fall for it.'

29. I am not a racist, and I never have been! I am for reasonable change, unions, welfare, and an end to the endless Vietnam quagmire! Before you throw away your vote on candidates you may regret, stop and think - are you thinking of the Wallace of before, or the Wallace of now?'

30. Any.