'Well, Minnesota Would've Been Nice'

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'Well, Minnesota Would've Been Nice' is an achievement for winning Minnesota as Reagan in the 1984 mod. The name is a reference to Reagan winning all state except Minnesota in real life.

Guide (might need to try a few times):

1. Let's give 'em a show. Over the past four years, we have slashed taxes, unemployment, and interest rates, and we're going to keep doing exactly that in the next term of my administration.

2. Vice President Bush is a seasoned statesman, an active participant in my administration, and a good friend of mine. I'm glad to have him by my side again.

3. Let's run ads showing me appointing Sandra Day O'Connor to the Supreme Court, talking about the advancement of womens' rights, and similar topics regarding gender equality.

4. We will attack him sparingly, if at all. We have a positive record of achievment to campaign on, so why would we waste time with petty personal attacks?

5. Maybe we can mention it here and there, but we have to keep the focus of our campaign on issues where we have the advantage.

6. My Christian faith leads me to recognize the inherent immorality of abortion, and I oppose it, but there are instances such as rape, incest, and teenage pregnancies, where abortion should be permitted.

7. I probably shouldn't have said this, but it's just not as big of a deal as people think it is. I'm going to play it cool and wait for all of this to blow over.

8. We need to increase the support for American agriculture by fighting for exports in our trade deals -- with the Soviet Union, Mexico, and elsewhere.

9. This isn't an appropriate subject for me or my campaign to comment on. We should just watch this situation develop and see what happens.

10. Let's just sit back and watch Mondale's campaign collapse.

11. Wow. His campaign really is imploding.

12. I stand by my foreign policy one hundred percent. You cannot have world peace without strength.

13. The best way to dispel all of this is to keep up a vigorous campaign schedule. Let's make more campaign stops and more speeches in the coming weeks.

14. The Grenadan military dictatorship was an unstable, authoritarian nightmare, and it jepoardized American interests in the region. It had to go.

15. These tax cuts were good for the economy and good for the average American. I would like to keep all taxes at their current rates for the foreseeable future.

16. I'm a moderate on this issue, and what we have right now makes sense to me. We need to strike a balance between keeping dangerous weapons off the streets, and respecting the constitutional right to bear arms we have in this country.

17. If a state wants to use the death penalty, it should have every right to do so.

18. Of course, I'm a talented debater and I'm used to the stage.

19. Our current rates of defense spending are perfectly adequate to meet the foreign policy needs of the United States. It is crucial that we maintain peace through strength, and we are doing just that right now.

20. I oppose the Equal Rights Amendment because it would remove protections for women in the workplace and elsewhere. We can do better for women in America.

21. Let's just nip this in the bud. Let's have George and Barbara both apologize profusely to Mrs. Ferraro, and then never bring it up again.

22. I'm not opposed to giving some aid to the Contras, but we need to make sure our investment in them doesn't spiral out of control.

23. AIDS is basically only affecting homosexual communities. I have nothing to gain by sticking up for them, and nothing to lose by ignoring them.

24. I stand by my policies, and Reaganomics is no exception. I won't change a thing over the next four years.

25. I had nothing to do with this, and I will stop at nothing to find out how this pamphlet was created.'

26. 4525

27. If we can get the Soviet Union on board, I would consider it. Any de-escalation we commit to should be reciprocated by them. Otherwise, I have no interest.

28. Our current approach on trade has brough economic prosperity and international cooperation, and it has proven to be an invaluable boon to the purchasing power of the American consumer. Why would we change courses after the miraculous economic comeback of the past few years?

29. Absolutely. What South Africa is doing is immoral, and we should sanction them as harshly as possible until they have no choice but to drop Apartheid.

30. Let's spend the night in Minnesota. I seriously have a shot at winning all fifty states, and a victory in Mondale's home state may be the knockout punch we need to achieve a clean sweep.