1793 Alternate American Revolution

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1793 Alternate American Revolution
Creators RouteVenus

TomBoxXD (Map Code) GDFIREHAWK (Map Code) Decstar (Ending Code)

Genre Alt-History
  • Benjamin Franklin Bache (Jacobin-PA)
  • Thomas Paine (Girondin-DE)
Canon Result
  • None

1793: An Alternate American Revolution is an alternate-history mod created by RouteVenus, with the map provided by TomBoxXD andGDFIREHAWK, and the ending code provided by DecstarG. Set an alternative timeline in which the initial American Revolution of 1776 ultimately sputtered out and failed following Washington's surrender in October 1781, only for the cause to be revived later in the decade, with a Southern slave revolt in the late 1780s/early 1790s (a specific year is not given) exploding into a second American Revolution, this one expanding into Canada as well. By the time of Britain's withdrawal in 1792, they've lost all their colonies in North America.

Due to the revolution occurring relatively concurrent to the French Revolution in this timeline, the Jacobins are significantly more politically relevant in America, where the ideas of Robespierre and the Reign of Terror are hotly debated. In the nation's first election, Benjamin Franklin Bache (of the Pennsylvania Jacobin movement), the face of the papers and a homegrown supporter of Robespierre and his so-called “Reign of Terror,” faces off against Thomas Paine (of the Delaware Girondin movement), ironically the voice of moderation in this young republic. The nation now faces a choice between two visions of liberty: Jacobin and Girondin.

So far only Benjamin Bache is playable.

Endings (Spoilers!)[edit]

On the Terror[edit]

Win the Election after choosing the Plain as your running mate. The ending screen will congratulate you on helping establish the New American Republic as a beacon of Hope and Justice, but will somberly take note that your more radical Jacobin allies will continue to be a problem and might even take power after you leave office.

In the meantime, Europe remains under a Robespierre Dictatorship as thousands perish under the Guillotine, and the Committee on Public Safety remains as a looming shadow over the people's everyday lives. However, over time, the regime will Liberalize and by the 1800's (or the 1810's) it will reform into a Democratic State that will continue to battle the old reactionary Order wherever it may still exist.

The last slides describe President Franklin (you) leaving town to plant a sapling in the Forest, described in a very emotional and hopeful manner.

Rejoice, Sons of Columbia, for your rightful Emperor has Returned[edit]

To get this ending, you need to lose the election. The ending slides describe how one Alexander of New York returned from Exile in the British Caribbean, creating a benevolent American Monarchy. He then sets out on several wars of Conquest, conquering most (if not all) of the New World and helping his newfound citizens with progressive reforms. When that is completed, he signs an alliance with Napoleon Bonaparte against both the Robespierre followers and the Old World Order, bringing forth a New Era in History - the age of the Franco Columbian Empire. This short ,,History lesson" concludes with Alexander's daughter Angelica marrying Napoleon III, further entrenching the Empire as a global Hegemon.