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Creators Dan Bryan
Genre Official Scenario
  • William McKinley (R-OH)
  • William Jennings Bryan (D-NE)
  • John Palmer (ND-IL)
IRL result
  • 271 R
  • 176 D

1896 is an official scenario based on the 1896 United States presidential election[1].


After the Panic of 1893[2], the incumbent president Grover Cleveland[3] has decided not to run for his third (and second consecutive) term. The election comes down to the Republican establishment candidate William McKinley[4], and Democratic populist candidate William Jennings Bryan[5], with Gold Democrat John Palmer[6] in the background.


At the start of the election McKinley has estimated 264 Electoral Votes, compared to Bryan's 183. McKinley holds the Northeast and polls well in the Midwest, while Bryan holds the Solid South and the Mountain States. The main battlegrounds are the West Coast, the Plains and the Border states. It is also possible for Bryan to win most of the Midwest on normal difficulty.


Issue Stance 1 Stance 2 Stance 3 Stance 4 Stance 5 Stance 6 Stance 7
Currency Gold Standard Gold Standard Leans Gold Moderate Leans Silver Free Silver Free Silver
Tariffs Strongly Supportive Supportive Slightly Supportive Moderate Slightly Opposed Opposed Strongly Opposed
Business Very Conservative Conservative Leans Conservative Moderate Leans Liberal Liberal Very Liberal
Labor Very Conservative Conservative Leans Conservative Moderate Leans Liberal Liberal Very Liberal
Temperance Strongly Opposed Opposed Slightly Opposed Moderate Slightly Supportive Supportive Strongly Supportive

The primary issues of this election are economical in nature. Voters are mostly concerned with the tariffs, business and organized labor, but the biggest issue of them all is the question of currency, with McKinley defending the Gold Standard[7] and Bryan standing for Free Silver[8].


Issue McKinley Bryan Palmer
Currency Gold Standard Free Silver Gold Standard
Tariffs Supportive Opposed Opposed
Business Conservative Liberal Leans Conservative
Labor Conservative Liberal Leans Conservative
Temperance Slightly Supportive Supportive Opposed

Running Mates[edit]

William McKinley[edit]

Issue Garret Hobart Thomas B. Reed Matthew Quay Lyman Gage
State New Jersey Maine Pennsylvania Illinois
Currency Gold Standard Gold Standard Gold Standard Gold Standard
Tariffs Supportive Supportive Supportive Moderate
Business Conservative Conservative Conservative Conservative
Labor Conservative Conservative Conservative Conservative
Temperance Slightly Opposed Slightly Supportive Supportive Opposed

William Jennings Bryan[edit]

Issue Arthur Sewall Adlai Stevenson Claude Matthews Horace Boies Henry Teller
State Maine Illinois Indiana Iowa Colorado
Currency Free Silver Leans Silver Free Silver Free Silver Free Silver
Tariffs Slightly Opposed Opposed Opposed Opposed Slightly Supportive
Business Leans Conservative Leans Conservative Moderate Liberal Conservative
Labor Moderate Leans Liberal Leans Conservative Liberal Conservative
Temperance Supportive Opposed Supportive Opposed Slightly Opposed


This achievement can be unlocked on the New Campaign Trail


  • This is the first and so far only election where both major party candidates shared the first name.
  • Every single answer on the question where McKinley can utilize the press to his advantage does literally nothing, although picking the most lenient answer will lead to you getting chewed out by the Advisor Feedback.
  • John Palmer can win states in the South if Bryan speaks out in favor of civil rights, but he can never win the election.

Further Information[edit]