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Creator u/SkipperPengn
Genre Alt-History

Leonard Wood (R-MA) James A. Reed (D-MO) Burton K. Wheeler (P-MT)

Canon result
  • 387 R
  • 136 D
  • 8 P

1924b is a mod set in an alternate timeline where Theodore Roosevelt wins the 1912 election. It is the third and final mod in it's trilogy. In the mod, general and incumbent republican president Leonard Wood faces off against democrat James A. Reed, with progressive Burton K. Wheeler running as a third party candidate. The major issues in the mod are prohibition, economics, foreign policy, anti-lynching legislation, and farmers.



Main article: 1916b

1916b is the first mod in the series, and features incumbent president Theodore Roosevelt facing 3-time presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan. During Roosevelt's 3rd and final term, he brings the US into world war 1 following the sinking of the Lusitania, and institutes several wartime policies, including price controls, the nationalization of factories, and the sedition act. Bryan runs on a negotiated end to the war, and opposition to mass hysteria over German infiltration. Both candidates run as progressives, and struggle to work with their party's 'old guards'. The canon result has Bryan winning 324 electoral votes to Roosevelt's 207, mainly due to the unpopularity of the war.


Main article: 1920b

1920b is the second mod in the series, and has incumbent president William Jennings Bryan facing general Leonard Wood. Wood runs on higher tariffs, an anti-lynching bill, and increased engagement in foreign affairs, while Bryan attempts to defend his 'common prosperity' agenda and deal with several crises, including recession, strikes, riots, and paranoia. The canon result has Wood winning convincingly, 383 electoral votes to 148.

Wood's term[edit]

1924b is unique in that it allows players to control nearly all of Wood's actions during his term, but the official lore has Wood setting up an anti-communist alliance called "the quintet pact", enacting an anti-lynching bill, successfully defusing a major railroad strike, and managing Franco-German tensions. Wood is generally well liked among the public, although he is unpopular among farmers due to the ongoing farm crash, and among southerners due to his signing of an anti-lynching bill.


Wood side[edit]

Reed side[edit]