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1932 Biden
Creator u/consume_wasp
Genre Parody
  • Fraklin Roosevelt
Canon Result
  • 472 D
  • 59 R

1932Biden, or abriviated 1932BI, is a mod created by consume_wasp.

This scenario is a parody of the 1932 mod and is nearly identical to it, with the main difference being that Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the only playable candidate with Joe Biden, who wouldn't be born for another 10 years, as the only possible running mate. As a parody mod, 1932Biden is humorous in nature and includes numerous references to hip-hop culture and memes, including a portrait of Roosevelt wearing Supreme brand clothes, background images of the President smoking while brandishing firearms, and the rap song Opp Stoppa by YBN Nahmir playing in the background.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

1932Biden is almost identical to 1932 and shares many of the same questions and issues. Only 3, 17, and 19 are either unique to the mod or modified to fit its humorous tone.

Question 3 focuses on why Roosevelt chose Biden as his running mate, with the only answer stating that Roosevelt chose him because he was second only to himself when it came to 'drip'. Since Biden has yet to be born, this baffles the American public and, as a result, Roosevelt drops in the polls and his popularity becomes confined to the South, making it much harder to win than in the base mod.

Question 17 still focuses on where Roosevelt should campaign, but only gives the option to focus on Wyoming or to use the campaign funds to purchase "new drip". If the latter option is chosen, the voters are impressed with Roosevelt's sense of style, boosting his support in every state and making it impossible for the player to lose.

Question 19 is a single-answer question and reference to a gaff Biden made in 2008 when he told then wheelchair-bound then Senator Chuck Graham to stand up. It does not have any effect on the game.