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Creators Jadingle (Writing)

Twix (Writing)

TomBoxXD (Coding)

Diamondy (unspecified "help")

Genre Alternate History
  • Lyndon B. Johnson (D-TX)
  • Henry Cabot Lodge(R-MA)
  • Orval Faubus (NSR-AR)
Canon Result
  • 300 D
  • 231 R

1960DtK (short for The Debate that Killed) is a mod taking place in an alternate timeline where a bomb kills both John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon during a debate. Following this, Lyndon Johnson and Henry Cabot Lodge (the candidate's running mates) take the helm. Lyndon Johnson is the only playable candidate.


There are two running mates, Millard Tawes and Scoop Jackson. If you select Jackson, Orval Faubus runs a third-party campaign. There are two RNG questions. One about an assassination attempt on RFK, and one about voter fraud in Illinois. There are two playlists of music: "Jazz in This Occasion" and "Southern Way of Life".

Endings (SPOILERS)[edit]

The scenario has thirteen endings.

The South Is Happy, But Nobody Else Is/By God! Dixie LBJ To The White House?![edit]

If you praise segregation you get these endings. If you lose, you get the former, and if you win, you get the latter.

RNG Questions[edit]

Both of the RNG questions mentioned earlier have two outcomes, one where it's successful, and one where it is not. Pretty much every combination of the two leads to a different ending.

Hello, Lyndon/Lodge's Raiders[edit]

The bigshot endings.

Dixie Gets The Ultimate Revenge[edit]

If Faubus deadlocks the election, you get this ending.


Lost and Found[edit]

Due to the creator deleting the Google Doc containing the mod, the mod was thought lost until on the Subreddit user StingrAeds revealed he had copies of the file saved. [1] However, the copies of the mod had already existed on the Discord, posted by Tom1923 since two hours after the mod was deleted.[2]