1972 - Peace With Honor

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1972 - Peace With Honor
Creators CTAccount (Main writer and Coder)

Obummer (Coder)

RouteVenus (Coder)

rekkotekko (Coder)

Ettingermentum (Writer)

QuoProQuid (Writer)

Genre Historical
  • Richard Nixon (R-CA)
  • The Enemy (aka various Democrats)
  • Nuts and Kooks (aka other third parties)
  • Flower Children (aka various leftists)
Canon result
  • 520 R
  • 17 D

1972 - Peace with Honor is a historical presidential simulator created by CTAccount, with coding help from Obummer, RouteVenus, Tex, and others. The mod takes place during Richard Nixon's first term in office from 1969 to the election of 1972, where the decisions the player makes impact the eventual Democratic nominee as well as the outcome of the war in Vietnam.

Endings (spoilers)[edit | edit source]

Freedom in the World - Escalate Vietnam, don't bow to red china, don't ratfuck the dems, don't drop Agnew from the ticket - and then lose the Election.

The Ending slides reveal that the USA has devolved into a Dictatorship under President George Wallace. The Republican Party has been banned, with local oppositionist movements under fire by recent legistlation. Former President Nixon lost all of his titles and was executed, and with the 22nd ammendment out of the Way, George Wallace remains as the head of state for as far as 1988. The country is described as ,,as free as Singapore, more free than Nicaragua and less free than Mexico"[1]

The Photograph is in my Hand - Win all 538 EVs with Bigshot.

The Ending is a reference to watchmen, describing someone talking about the Nixon winning all elections between 1968 and 1984, winning Re-Election once again. [2]