1972 McGoverning

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1972 McGoverning
Creators AstroHuncho (Writer and Coder)
Genre Alt-History
  • George McGovern (D-SD)
  • Richard Nixon (R-CA)
  • George Wallace (Ai-AL)
Canon result
  • 271 D
  • 219 R
  • 48 Ai

1972 McGoverning is a mod created for The New Campaign Trail by /u/astrohunch_o. The mod, an alternate history version of the 1972 United States presidential election, is based on the scenario of the same name from alternatehistory.com by Yes. The mod focuses on an alternate timeline in which George Wallace runs third party in the 1972 election, resulting in the mainstream Democratic Party becoming far more accepting to McGovern's candidacy. The mod notably differs from the original 1972 mod in that is winnable outright.