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Creators RouteVenus (Coder and Writer)

QuoProQuid (Writer) Atom_Heart_Mother (Writer) Targai (Writer)

Genre Alt-History
  • Richard Nixon (R-CA)
  • John Connally (D-TX)
  • Gus Hall (Co-MN)
Canon Result
  • Richard Nixon victory

1972d is a mod set in an alternate timeline where the 1972 Democratic Party Convention ends with John Connally achieving the nomination (in no small part thanks to Nixonite Support). The fact that the Democrats nominated a conservative alienates many moderates, and causes a reinvigoration of the CPUSA under Gus Hall.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

When first loading the mod, the opening screen and theme will appear to showcase a normal mod. However, once the player clicks the Continue button, the theme will suddenly change to a stark black one, and leaving the player with only one playable candidate: Gus Hall.

Gus Hall has six possible running mate choices, some are figures within the New Left, like Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden, while others are firmly members of the Old Left, like Angela Davis and David Sadlowski (curiously, Jarvis Tyner, Gus Hall's actual running mate in 1972 and 1976[1] is not a possible running mate.).

The gameplay is much more intimate than other TCT modes, directly concerning the interactions of Hall and their running mate with voters, such as showing questions about appearing in interviews and holding rallies rather than sweeping policy answers. Hall must balance his standing within the New Left (the younger, anti-war crowd, such as McGovernites) and the Old Left (true communists and union men).

Endings (SPOILERS AHEAD)[edit | edit source]

All endings are given the title used in the original code.

Cheaty Ending[edit | edit source]

To get this ending you need to win at least 16% of the popular vote. Since you struggle to gain 5% on even the easiest difficulties, this is impossible to achieve without cheats.

Gus Hall (you) will be arrested while your Running Mate will go on the run as Nixon clamps down on Protests and refuses to recognize the election results. The last sentence hints at the possibility of there being a "Second American Revolution" as a result of your "victory".

Outstanding Ending[edit | edit source]

This ending requires you to get at least 5% of the popular vote. In doing so, you will gain 11 electoral votes (3 from DC, 3 from MA, 2 from WI, and 3 from MN).

The Times are-a 'changing. With this election result, the CPUSA has enough power to secure federal funding, which terrifies the establishment. Several major Democrats defect to the CPUSA in protest of Nixon's actions, and Communists manage to make their way to the Senate and House of Representatives. Your running mate will be ecstatic and will promise to achieve their main goal (running for Union Leadership, fighting against racism, etc.) thanks to the funding and media attention.

Amazing Ending[edit | edit source]

This ending requires you to get at least 3% of the popular vote. In doing so, you will gain DC's 3 electoral votes.

Good Ending[edit | edit source]

This ending requires you to gain at least 1% of the popular vote.

Despite your failure to secure the 5% needed to give the Communists Federal Funding, your electoral performance is still the best in the Party's History and maybe even the biggest win for the American Left since Norman Thomas's 2% in 1932. The mainstream media notes that you came close to winning several important precincts in Major Cities, and men like Ronald Reagan are left unnerved seeing a pretty sizable chunk of the American People try to vote "an honest-to-god Communist" into the White House. A certain sickness lingers across the Establishment, and if your successor doesn't fuck up, then the CPUSA might have a real shot at entrenching their position in '74 and '76.

Mediocre Ending[edit | edit source]

This ending requires you to gain at least 0.5% of the popular vote.

Bad Ending[edit | edit source]

This ending requires you to gain at least 0.06% of the popular vote.

You will be pushed away from power by the CPUSA as it will be generally seen that you've wasted a golden opportunity for the American Far Left to make large gains. Your running mate will freak out and cut ties with you, trying to salvage their reputation/career. Gus Hall (you) will express their disappointment with this result, and with the American people preferring "corporate stooges" like Nixon or Connaly or "FBI Rubes" like Linda Jeness, before disappearing into a snowy New York landscape.

Absolutely Terrible Ending[edit | edit source]

This ending requires you to gain less than 0.06% of the popular vote. Despite what the ending describes, you actually need less than about 47k votes in order to trigger this ending, not 50k.

Despite Nixon's obvious criminality, Connaly's absolute trainwreck of a campaign crashing and burning, combined with nationwide unrest making the 60s look like the 50s, you still failed to gain even the absolute bare minimum to be considered a serious contender for the Presidency. The CPUSA (as well as their benefactor in Moscow) is fuming and your expulsion from the party is a matter of when, not if. Your running mate will be crushed, and either themselves or the FBI will find a way to kick you down further for this failure (for example, Bobby Seale's prison diaries will bash you and the CPUSA for being apparent White Supremacists). Nobody knows what happens next - your failure's legacy, combined with your Communist roots will prevent you from ever having a real career again. As you sit there, the lamp above you suddenly burns out and you vanish into the darkness.

VP Reactions[edit | edit source]

In every ending besides the Cheaty Ending, you will get a section about the Vice President and their actions following the election. They are as follows:

Ending Davis Fonda Hayden Kovic Seale Sadlowski
Outstanding Starts Activist Organization Runs for Governor Runs for Senate & Starts Activist Organization Runs for Congress Runs for Congress Takes Control of Union
Amazing Becomes University Lecturer Acts in Star Wars Starts Activist Organization Testifies to Congress Influences Local Elections Runs for Union Chair
Good Becomes College Lecturer Returns to Acting Runs for Senate Increased Attention Runs for State Congress Renewed Confidence
Mediocre Goes on International Tour Becomes an Activist Left Adrift Continues Activism Runs for Mayor Diminished Confidence
Bad Goes on International Tour Blacklisted & Shunned Leaves Activism Dejected & Demoralized Forced out of Black Panthers Heckled on the Street
Absolutely Terrible Flees the Country Blacklisted & Shunned Disappears Shunned from Movement Remains in Prison Forced out of Union