1993 PostCom

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1993 PostCom
Creators Augenis
Genre Alt-History
  • Richard Cheney (DSA-WY)
  • Anthony Lake (Col-NY)
  • Noam Chomsky (I-PA)
Canon Result
  • Dick Cheney victory

1993 Post-Communist USA (or 1993PostCom) is a mod created by u/Augenis. The mod centers on an alternate 1993 election in a United States that experienced a socialist revolution in the 1930s. Effectively creating a timeline where the roles of the United States and Russia are switched.

Gameplay and features[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Candidates Cheney and Lake are playable, with a Chomsky side announced to be playable in the future.[1]

Cheney has four options for a running mate: Pat Buchanan, head of the information ministry of the old Union and canon choice, Elizabeth Dole, wife of Kansas CPUSSA Secretary Bob Dole and a senator, Newt Gingrich, a professor and a supporter of General Secretary Mondale's reforms, and John McCain, a former officer in the Red Army and an oligarch.

Same as above, Lake also has 4 choices for a running mate: Gore Vidal, a former exile and leader of the Columbian Movement, Amory Lovins, a representative from Maryland and an environmentalist, John Edwards, a senator and a member of a human rights group, and Bill Clinton, a former secretary for the CPUSSA and the founder of an alcoholism awareness organization.

Noam Chomsky, while not a playable candidate at the moment, is a renowned American dissident who had been campaigning to raise awareness of political repression in the United Socialist States of America since the 1960s. His running mate choices are : Gary Snyder (Professor of Anthropology, Environmental Activist and anti regime figure), Joseph P. Kirkland (WW2 Veteran, Trade Union Leader and now the leader of the Reborn Republican Party) and Sandra Cisneros (Latino Writer and AntiCommunist Equality Activist)

The mod uses the playlist system popularized by 2000N. The playlist contains songs created by Eastern European artists such as Change by Russkaja and Eastern European Funk by InCulto.

Endings (SPOILERS)[edit | edit source]

Early stages and creation[edit | edit source]

The mod was first announced on April 14, 2023[2] on the New Campaign Trail Subreddit.

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