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Creators Dan Bryan
Genre Official Scenario
  • George W. Bush (R-TX)
  • Al Gore (D-TN)
  • Ralph Nader (G-CT)
IRL result

2000 is an official scenario based on the 2000 United States Presidential Election.


All three major candidates, including Nader, are playable in the scenario. That said, in normal mode, only Bush and Gore are capable of winning states. The game focuses on themes such as foreign policy, the environment, and the legacy of Bill Clinton.


These achievements can be unlocked on the New Campaign Trail:

  • Art Imitates Life - Have Florida be under a 0.5% margin of victory. It must also be the deciding state in such a case that it flips.
  • Nader's Raiders - Win 5% of the popular vote as Ralph Rader (All difficulties allowed).
  • I'm My Own Master Now - Win as Al Gore after saying that Clinton should've been impeached.
  • Death Swap - Win as Al Gore while losing the popular vote.


The game has since become infamous among the Campaign Trail community for its stilted and repetitive questions, and particularly its generic feedback, such as "You're certainly getting attention in the news for this stance, but it is not a mainstream position in your party. Perhaps this will establish you as an independent thinker..." which has become a meme of its own to be applied to irrelevant political situations. Hence, this scenario is among the least rated of Dan Bryan's original scenarios, although it remains fairly well regarded for its realism and competitiveness.