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Creators DecstarG (Coder)

Mocha (Writer)

Rubix (Writer)

NeoK (Writer)

Genre Alt-History
  • Arlen Specter (R-PA)
  • Sam Nunn (D-GA)
  • Ralph Nader (G-CT)
Canon Result
  • Arlen Specter victory

2000N (or Normalverse or Normal 2000) is a mod created by Decstar with writing help from Mocha, Neo, and Rubix. This mod is set in a universe where Sam Nunn/John Breaux is the Democratic ticket and Arlen Specter/Bill Weld is the Republican ticket. Canonically, Arlen Specter is the winner of this alternate 2000 United States presidential election.[1][2] 2000N has been praised for its innovative features such as CYOA and the soundtrack system, shaping up many of the mods the TCT community sees nowadays. However, it has been the subject of controversy for its "boring themes" and "lack of writing", although these claims are widely disputed and are purely subjective.

Gameplay and features[edit]

2000N is very technologically advanced. It has many features, some of which can be unnoticeable at first by the regular TCT user.

Theme and soundtrack[edit]

When you open the mod, the theme switches to the original site theme, with little quotes from Arlen Specter and Sam Nunn under the original TCT banner. However, sometimes you can see another quote from another entity. When you select your candidate to play as and you officially begin the game, the players' ears will be greeted with the famous album "Everywhere at the End of Time" by The Caretaker,[3] and the album is the entirety of 2000N's soundtrack. The album is very soothing, although it gives you the feeling something isn't quite right, and it fits 2000N's theme quite neatly.


The game would appear to be just a reskinned version of Dan Bryan 2000, but that quite isn't the case. The games code is vastly more advanced than Dan Bryan's code once you look on the GitHub page, as it is a new coding format different from the one made by Dan Bryan. This new format would be used/incorporated into another mods in the future.

The actual gameplay is very normal (as the mod would call it), and it is very similar to Dan Bryan 2000, but with a twist. The mod features CYOA on both sides, pertaining to what answers the player clicks. There are three routes you can take, 1 for Specter (Controversial) and 2 for Nunn (Christian Nunn and Supernormal Nunn). These routes can trigger if you select a certain answer on any of the questions given to you. If the player goes down one of these routes, the game could potentially give you another question at the end, and depending on how you respond you may get a special ending.

Endings (SPOILERS)[edit]

There are 18 endings to 2000N, and there is a 2000N Google Doc containing explanations to all of the endings and how to get them, which many people have overlooked and the document contains valuable information to all of the endings and explanation of 2000N.[4] It is highly advised you play the mod yourself and get all of the secret endings before you continue reading, as this page includes spoilers for all of the endings.

The End of History[edit]

January 21st, 2053: Washington D.C

“My fellow Americans…”

The dry words make grammatically correct, yet meaningless sentences.

The moderately sized crowd looks on in awe, as the President speaks proudly of their plans to run a sensible administration. The crowd chuckles as they make a mediocre joke about the weather. The crowd nods in unison as they pledge to increase trade with Russia.

January 21st, 2057

“My fellow Americans…”

The crowd once more politely claps for the re-elected President, as they give a botox-induced smile and speak on the plans to fund the construction of 100 new garbage trucks throughout the United States.

January 21st, 3000

“My fellow Americans…”

A faceless person gives a meaningless speech to an amorphous crowd. They speak of increasing funding to the International Space Station, they speak of increasing trade with Russia, and they speak of building more highway lanes.

But nobody listens, not anymore.

The End of History: Requiem[edit]

January 21st, 2053: Washington D.C “My fellow Americans…” The dry words make grammatically correct, yet meaningless sentences. The moderately sized crowd looks on in awe, as the President speaks proudly of their plans to run a sensible administration. The crowd chuckles as they make a mediocre joke about the weather. The crowd nods in unison as they pledge to increase trade with Russia.

January 21st, 2053: Burlington, Vermont A historian is engrossed in records. Since he was a child, he was always seen as a future academic. Despite his parents expecting a lot from him to this end, he always managed to match their demands perfectly. Currently, he is reading records of the 2000 election. Reading the results, he feels something strange - something that he has never felt in his life up to this point. This result is something that… was out of the norm for the time period. He doesn’t know quite how to process this. He looks up at the library’s TV and begins to listen more closely.

The Dreamer[edit]


Iron Who?[edit]

The Masque of the Red Death[edit]

The radio crackled, as its battery slowly began to give out. Arlen held Shanin tight, knowing that it was all coming to a close. The presenter sounded hollow - inhuman. He read aloud the final passage of the novel: “And now was acknowledged the presence of the Red Death. He had come like a thief in the night. And one by one dropped the revellers in the blood-bedewed halls of their revel, and died each in the despairing posture of his fall. And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay. And the flames of the tripods expired. Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.”

No Longer Human[edit]

The radio crackled, with no broadcast to be heard. Arlen shivered, alone and helpless, knowing that it was all coming to a close. He silently read the next passage of his novel. Arlen’s grimace morphed as his facial muscles contorted to form what was seemingly an imitation of a smile

“Now I have neither happiness nor unhappiness. Everything passes. That is the one and only thing that I have thought resembled a truth in the society of human beings where I have dwelled up to now as in a burning hell. Everything passes.”

The Tide[edit]

As you try desperately to free him, you see him only evermore bound. To fight against the raging tide is to fruitlessly waste his energy; in doing so, Specter has achieved naught– nothing more than drowning himself. When one so obstinately believes that they can deny the fabric of their own existence, they must have the cunning to surpass their existence. Arlen Specter, unfortunately, did not have that… nor do you. Arlen Specter smiles widely. He raises his hand and waves to the crowd as he prepares to make a speech regarding the election’s outcome. But you? Your story is over

King Nothing[edit]


This is my final goodbye to the United States. I finally understand this is truly a place where no happiness can be found. To the very end, it continued to expose innocent minds to a horrific reality - a reality that we are not designed to comprehend. I can't let anyone else undergo that same hellish epiphany. For the time it lasted, I want to thank you. For guiding me. For being a friend, despite our immaterial barriers. And most of all, thank you for caring enough to try to help me! With everlasting concern, Arlen Specter.

The Creative Nothing[edit]

Vox Nunn Vox Dei[edit]


“I did not die, and I was not alive; think for yourself, if you have any wit, what I became, deprived of life and death.” - Dante’s Inferno Now, at last, in the freezing depths of hell, Sam Nunn could seek neither forgiveness nor repose for his sins. Nay, for every good deed done, a thousand more come with the unfortunate truth: he was a sinner. God’s kingdom continues forming on what was once Earth, and he had no power to claw his way back.

Instead, he lay here. The Fifth Circle. Bound to fight in the River Styx for all eternity. Oh, what could have been if he had chosen to accept his Creator’s will as was once intended. The silent Specter rises, for he had chosen to accept the Lord. But you? All for naught, it seems…

Hotel California[edit]

Sam was driving. He couldn’t stop. All of their eyes were watching him; they saw through him. Election day be damned, he needed to be alone. There was one place he remembered - a place he could be alone, a place he could be free. Sam checked into the hotel, he had booked the room for ⚗〠ൠ days. Sam just wanted be alone. But even here, he could feel every crevice of the room watching him. His thoughts were too loud. He needed to think more quietly. The whole world was a looking glass.

The Forgotten[edit]

For All Mankind[edit]


Goodnight, My Beautiful[edit]

Early stages and creation[edit]

Late stages and playtesting[edit]

Mod launch[edit]

Initial reception[edit]

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Controversies and legacy[edit]

2000N misinformation[edit]

2000N would be the subject of controversy, as some TCTers would misinterpret the message of 2000N, and they would begin to accuse the mod of sending the message that "centrism is bad". More egregious accusations would call the mod pro-9/11 or pro-Trump. These accusations have proven to have little substance, as there isn't any proof verifying these claims. Decstar would address these claims in the 2000N Google Doc, and he would state that 2000N isn't ideological nor is it pro-9/11 or pro-Trump.

The Acceptance Speech[edit]

During 2023's The Acceptance Speech, 2000N won the Tex Award beating out 1976 Italy, 1864, 1972, and 1972d. The Rapture ending was also nominated for Best Ending, but it lost to Comrade McCain from 2008.[5]

Legacy and impact on future mods[edit]

The mod's music player has become the standard for music implementation in TCT mods.