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2004 is a mod of the browser game The New Campaign Trail created by /u/Retsassin and /u/AMETSFAN. The mod is based on the real 2004 presidential election in which President Bush ran against Democrat John Kerry.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Candidates[edit | edit source]

In the mod there are four candidates, two of which are playable.

Playable[edit | edit source]

George W. Bush:

He is the incumbent after being elected president in the state of Florida in 2000 by a margin of only 500 votes. He starts just behind Kerry and in most games the election outcome is close.

His running mates are:

-Dick Cheney

-Bill Frist

-Rudy Giuliani

-Colin Powell

John F. Kerry:

John Kerry is the Democratic nominee and is starting with a slim lead. He is a former Vietnam wars veteran and his ever lunging statements in the campaign that received three Purple Hearts in the war is to this day a meme in the TNC community.

His running mates are:

-John Edwarts

-Wesley Clark

-Bob Graham

-Dick Gephardt