2016 Jeb Bush

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2016 Jeb Bush
Creator TomBoxXD (Coder)

TomBoxXD (Writer)

Genre Alternate History Mod
  • Jeb Bush (R-FL)
  • Hillary Clinton (D-NY)
  • Gary Johnson (LP-NM)
  • Donald Trump/Others (I-NY)
Canon Result
  • 309 D
  • 229 R

2016 Jeb Bush (or referred to as Jeb! 2016) is a mod created by TomBoxXD that goes over the trials and tribulations that Jeb has to go through in order to win the 2016 Presidential Election. The mod features Jeb Bush (the person based around the mod) and 5 different running mates the player can choose from (John Kasich, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Donald Trump) as the Republican ticket, Hillary Clinton as a stand-in so that the mod can work as intended, Gary Johnson as the Libertarian candidate, and Donald Trump/Others running a write-in campaign (even if it is not properly shown in the mod). Jeb canonically wins with 309 electoral votes and 47.2% of the popular vote, to Hillary's 229 electoral votes and 47.2% of the popular vote.


Opening screen[edit]

The mod begins with a Jeb!centric background as well as a banner representing the canon electoral map. When the player clicks the "Click Here to Begin!" button, the player is greeted with a brief description of the election that essentially describes Jeb's ascension to becoming the Republican nominee and what he has to do to win the election. When you click on the continue button, there are two candidates (Jeb and Hillary) that can be selected, although Jeb is the only one that can continue to the running mates. Continuing with Jeb shows a total of 5 running mates the player can choose from. Ted Cruz is described as a populist without all the baggage of Trump, John Kasich is described as a moderate at the expense of more conservative Republicans, Ben Carson is described as a risky pick but can turn out evangelical voters to Jeb's corner, Rand Paul is described as a true shock that can be detrimental if not used right, and Donald Trump is described as the ultimate "Trump" card that can help massively or be the worst pick of the century.


The gameplay is fairly basic as the mod is 25 questions long with a variety of answers the player can choose. The mod does however have an interesting aspect to it as certain answers can give the player unique maps that aren't entirely possible in the base 2016 scenario (which the mod was based off of).