2021 VA Gov

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Creators T3CHOX
Genre Historical, statewide
  • Glenn Youngkin (R)
  • Terry McAuliffe (D)
  • Princess Blanding (Liberation)
IRL result
  • 50.6% R
  • 48.6% D
2021 VA Gov is a statewide mod created by u/T3CHOX. The mod was originally announced through a comment on an independent thread on November 3rd, 2021. This comment was followed up by multiple teasers of the mod being posted before the release date. On February 4th, 2022, the mod was officially added to the mod loader and made available to play. The mod was revolutionary in multiple aspects. It was the first mod to use a map outside of the game's default states and also the first mod to have an ambient music playlist included in the code set.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The set allows the user to navigate the 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Election through the eyes of the Republican nominee, Glenn Youngkin. Through this process, Youngkin must navigate through the most pressing issues of the election including the 2021 Capitol Riot, his own relationship with Donald Trump, and the defining election issue of Critical Race Theory. To achieve victory, Youngkin must absolutely choose the best situational answers and find luck through his debates and scandals. The mod has been noted to be one more challenging mods within the game.

Mod launch[edit | edit source]

The mod was widely praised upon release and has continued to be ranked highly in public perception. The mod was widely praised for taking revolutionary steps in the mod-making community. It is likely that the mod will remain a one-sided scenario as plans for a playable McAuliffe side have since been abandoned.

Reception and legacy[edit | edit source]

2021 VA Gov has led to the release of multiple other statewide elections using county maps including 1970 HI, 2016 NC, 2018 TN, and 2022 PA (Senate/Governor). In addition, T3CHOX was able to complete a redux and repair on an older community mod in GA 2018. Before the redux, GA had no county map and starting to become largely unplayable due to problems in the original code. The mod was also the precursor of the implementation of music playlists into several mods.