A Gift

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"A Gift" is an achievement available in the 4352 BCE: Cold Famine scenario. It requires the player to bury the cow sculpture that Eḱwos gives you next to his grave.

Guide[edit | edit source]

VP pick: Dyēus, All visits to the craftsmen.

Question 1: A sculpture of a sacred cow carved by your friend Eḱwos from an ancient tree.

Question 2: Spiritual leader. A position of wisdom and esteem.

Question 3: A sacred fire ceremony, symbolising the passing of leadership, with the tribe gathered around to witness the transition and offer blessings.

Question 4: The evidence is damning. I’m sorry Eḱwos but you must pay with your blood (Eḱwos will be injured).

Question 5: It is important to pay tribute to ancestral spirits. They have more effect on our lives than we can comprehend.

Question 6: We are doomed!

Question 7: Farmers need our help. Send a few men to keep watch of the gravesites.

Question 8a: I’m sorry Eḱwos, this is unforgivable. You must be made an example of and executed.

Question 8b: I will attend and bury my cow sculpture with him.

Question 9: I will give two cows and a fine copper bracelet.

Question 10: Let us feed our spiritual leaders. They need the energy to consult Dʰéǵʰōm on how to grow more food.

Question 11: You must make a sacrifice to Dʰéǵʰōm. Only the Earth Mother can help us.

Question 12: Offer a holy cow to Dʰéǵʰōm. Only she will keep our hunger at bay.

Question 13: We will only be able to make it through this together!

Question 14a: They will be rationed to each person according to their needs. We will make it through the Winter.

Question 14b: We cannot afford another mouth to feed. I’m sorry my wife.

Question 15: We cannot eat such sacred creatures! People who propose such an idea will be banished. More food for us.

Question 16: We will dry and store what we can, to prepare for a future famine.

Question 17: It is my time to return to Dʰéǵʰōm.