A Kinder, Gentler Landslide

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"A Kinder, Gentler Landslide" is an achievement available in the vanilla 1988 scenario. It requires the player character to win over 500 electoral votes as George Bush Sr. on Normal difficulty. The achievement name is based off of a quote from George Bush Sr.'s acceptance speech at the 1988 Republican National Convention.

Guide: (VP: Bob Dole) - Visit Massachusetts.

1. I will move the nation forward to a new era, with continued employment growth and concern for the well-being of our citizens -- a kinder, gentler era.

2. Bob Dole is going to do what Bob Dole does best, and we're proud to have him on our ticket.

3. I have served as Vice President for seven years. We will emphasize this experience, but talk more about what I will do, than what Ronald Reagan has done.

4. Dukakis is a left-wing liberal who has vetoed the Pledge of Allegiance, attacked military spending, and allowed convicted murderers into society.

5. Let's do it. (4525)

6. I think we can take limited steps to bring this trade back into balance, but in general we should celebrate the expansion of world trade with our allies.

7. I would only support limited steps on this issue, like a ban on “cop killer” bullets. Overall, I'm an opponent of increased gun control.

8. We need to do anything necessary to reduce the staggering rate of murder and violent crime in this country.

9. Why Dukakis thought it would be a good idea to veto this bill is beyond me, but we won't let him forget it in this campaign. I will say the Pledge of Allegiance wherever I go on the trail.

10. I was absolutely not involved with these dealings at any point, and I was appalled to find out about them.

11. I think we need to preserve a level of dignity in this campaign, and talking about things like sodomy and bestiality might be a little bit too far for some people.

12. We will attack the prison furlough system in general, perhaps with a “revolving door” ad or something of that nature. And the Willie Horton episode is certainly an egregious example of the practice.

13. We need to increase the support for American agriculture by fighting for exports in our trade deals -- with the Soviet Union, Mexico, and elsewhere.

14. Opposing these actions places any candidate well outside of the American mainstream. We will attack Dukakis relentlessly on this point.

15. Cheap oil is an overall benefit to our economy. I think the majority of voters will understand that this fall.

16. Read my lips. There will be no new taxes under my Administration.

17. The ACLU may be popular on some northeastern college campuses, but in most of the U.S. this association should be a millstone. We will obviously highlight it.

18. I am a pro-life candidate, but I do not support an amendment for this purpose.

19. Reagan himself admitted he was only trying to tell a joke, which came off poorly. I think we should move on to other issues.

20. This would be a positive step forward for all three countries, including the United States.

21. This is a huge leap forward between the United States and Soviet Union, and I hope to oversee additional arms control measures during my time as President.

22. We need to strengthen the power of the Drug Czar, and implement tough measures on repeat offenders. We also need programs to assist low-income families so that the children of today don't turn to crime in the future.

23. I believe that free trade creates jobs. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't support it.

24. We should be making every effort we can with this program, but if the Soviet Union were to offer sufficient concessions, it should certainly be a bargaining chip.

25. New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.