A Truce, Not A Compromise

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A Truce, Not A Compromise is an achievement, which you get for achieving a 185-184 Electoral Vote in 1876 on New Campaign trail, and agreeing to compromise on the last question.

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Guide[edit | edit source]

President: Hayes

VP: Wheeler

1. I promise reform across my administration. Specifically, civil service reform and other changes to ensure my administration is free from corruption.

2. I don’t want this campaign to be seen waving the bloody shirt around. We will focus on our pledge to end corruption in government.

3. Congressman Wheeler is a man of unmatched integrity, and I am proud to have him as my running mate this fall.

4. I will work to pass civil service reform and end corruption. That is my primary appeal and I must stick to it.

5. I condemn these attacks and support a state investigation into how exactly something like this could happen. I send my condolences to all the families of the victims, including state legislator Simon Coker.

6. Let’s tie Governor Tilden to the Irish and immigrant voters in New York. We’ll make sure everyone knows that Tilden doesn’t stand for American values.

7. The market is a complicated place, and any destabilizing actions could result in even more of a problem with the economy.

8. As he is the incumbent Republican president, I want to make sure there is no bad blood between the two of us. I will visit him in Washington, DC.

9. We will end Reconstruction. I do wish to extend federal funding for the Readjusters Party to better protect poor blacks and whites from the planter elite who have returned to power thanks to the Democrats.

10. I shall send some surrogates to Colorado, but I believe we don’t need to put too much energy in there.

11. I’ll talk about my record all the time. I expanded suffrage and introduced new schools to my state. I intend to bring this mentality of progress to the national level.

12. I respect the decision made by Congress. The members voted with their conscience, and it is important that we respect their decisions.

13. Of course I support the cause of railroad development, but with the country mired in depression, I think it’s best to focus on paying down our debt and reinforcing our commitment to the sound American dollar.

14. I applaud President Grant’s work on prosecuting the Klan, but I want to focus my energies on fighting corruption and reviving the economy.

15. Off the record, it’s probably not a good idea to mention this. We need to appeal to moderates who are wary of civil rights.

16. I will discuss the success of this treaty as a way to emphasize the Grant Administration’s success in foreign affairs. But most voters aren’t concerned with foreign policy, so it isn’t necessary to really emphasize this.

17. I’m not so sure President Grant has done all that well with the natives. The violence has not completely ended, and the president’s government commission has been filled with corruption. We must collaborate more with the natives if we want a permanent peace.

18. I support the administration’s work in combating the vices which plague us, and I think any good American ought to as well.

19. I don’t plan to mention women’s issues all that much.

20. I don’t plan on addressing this in my campaign. We ought to focus more on bread and butter issues.

21. I’m proud of President Grant’s support for the Jewish community, and I will continue his work in supporting the Jews in our nation.

22. We need to change the imagery on this. Let’s emphasize my own support for reform, and we’ll hammer the message with newspaper advertisements of the indictments and convictions.

23. Our party still needs the support of the moralists. Best to stay quiet on this.

24. The idea that southern Democrats can force their way into power is asinine. As president, I will utilize the full power of the federal government to bring justice to these vigilantes.

25. Yes I would. The time has come for the two halves of our nation to fully reconcile. Besides, with such a lousy economy, the American people are ready to move on from Reconstruction.