A Victory For All People

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A Victory For All People is an achievement for winning as Greeley/Sumner ticket in the 1872 mod.



Normal Difficulty

1.I will stick to my bread and butter appeal. The corruption of the President’s administration, the dealings of the Black Friday fiasco, and the festering of corruption rings have shown him to be utterly incompetent and incapable of governance.

2. The Tribune should paint me as a positive force, a candidate who will unite this country past the flames of the civil war.

3. This is great news. I shall continue to press the claim of national reconciliation and use this to paint Grant as out of touch with the will of the people.

4. President Grant may be a war hero, but is he ready to lead the nation? No administration before his has been rife with such corruption, and while I respect his fight to keep the union together, it may be moot if it falls apart to his corruption.

5. He is a man who deserves nothing but praise for his experience and time as a leader of the Republican Party, and sadly we agree its values have rot to the core under Grant.

6. It is time to implement civil service reform and end corruption in the government once in for all.

7. It is time for us to move with providence, to end Reconstruction, and to move forward as a nation of brothers.

8. I served for a mere three months. Besides, attacking Grant from the outside only bolsters my claims about corruption.

9. Their protections on the rights of the Negro must not only be upheld, but expanded. I hope to prevent Southern states from implementing laws to suppress the Negro vote in the form of amendments.

10. We must put more power into the central government, especially the president. The war has shown the need to divest power away from the states.

11. The president’s actions on this front are one of the few I respect— and frankly I won’t shy away from his stance should I become president.

12. I will not change course on the economic issue. It was only right for the Union to adopt greenbacks for the stability of the Union’s economy.

13. In new, burgeoning industries, tariffs should remain high. These industries need protection. However, on most other industries, free trade will be the norm.

14. Western settlement is of utmost importance. My stance should be no surprise. I once uttered the words, 'Go West, young man, and grow up with the country', after all. Homesteaders will be the future of our country.

15. We need not give away land to private companies for the development of railroads, however any legislation that supports Westward expansion is one I support. Perhaps the government should own the land instead?

16. The Western Territories have taken necessary steps and garnered enough homesteaders as a whole for more than just Colorado, in the future. It is only right that Colorado be admitted in our near future.

17. I have long since been an advocate for Risorgimento. I wish great luck upon the people of Italy, and wish the best for the laborers of both Italy and Germany in the future.

18. Certainly we need to do something. Trusts and monopolies have no place in the American economy, and I believe are the great reason for the slavery of the worker.

19. We need to do something. Why don’t we meet with supporters in New York itself? Perhaps even a few stops into New Jersey…

20. Colfax and his Congressional cronies must resign immediately! How can President Grant allow these men to continue serving when all they may do is embezzle more?

21. Senator Sumner has revealed President Grant as one who will do anything for his own desires instead of working with him and the rest of Congress. It is no wonder that Vice President Colfax remains in his seat, and Wilson has been invited to take his place, the President merely invites cronyism!

22. Enough is enough! We have seen our economy collapse in a Gold Panic, our tariffs wasted on thieves and robbers, now our politicians are sold to the highest bidder? No more, I say. We need to rein in this demagogue before it is too late.

23. The eradication of corruption will always be of an event of jubilation from me. I especially applaud all those within the state's party who worked to oust Tweed.

24. 8090

25. I will make some statements praying for the equal treatment of the woman, but not say much in terms of policy as to play to both sides.

26. There would be no point. It would be better for me to simply attempt to coalesce the anti-Grant vote in the North, and fight the President in areas that are more willing to vote for me.

27. 8099

28. Absolutely. They are all Southerners who are beset by the same problems. We need to mend these fences to move forward, and help all the children of the South prosper.

29. This is wonderful. Why don’t we send the volunteers to New York City? This will help get the word out to a very crucial state.

30. Senator Sumner known the campaign we plan to run, and I must say to the redeemers of the South, that this is my presidential campaign, not his.

31. There is not much we can do here. We can only pray they vote correctly. Let us put in some extra work in nearby states to compensate.

32. Mary had stood by my side to help the downtrodden and allow them to prosper too. Our lives may be short but our time need not be in vain.

33. Seven years ago, the Union fought a war to preserve itself. We must continue this and allow this nation to heal from our wounds, to fight back and rise, to take our place among the giants of this world, and to perhaps ascend above them all.

34. If we can win Ohio and Indiana, we have a decent chance of winning this election. I want the remaining funds sent there.

35. I must follow, to see what Death hath laid in my path.