Chris Chan 2012

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Chris Chan 2012
Creator JFNixon (Coder and Writer)
Genre Joke Mod
  • Chris Chan (R-VA)
  • Barack Obama (D-IL)
  • Liquid Chris (L-VA)
  • Jill Stein (G-MA)
Canon Result
  • 287 R
  • 257 D

Chris Chan 2012 (or CC2012 for short) is a mod created by JFNixon in a world where Chris Chan ran in the 2012 United States presidential election[1] and would win the Republican nomination after massive amounts of trolls voting for them ironically. They would face President Barack Obama and canonically, Chris Chan would win the presidency in a massive upset, despite losing the popular vote by over 20%+ (because of really poor turnout in Republican states), they would win in the Electoral College 287-251. This mod would become one of the most controversial mods ever made, alongside 1948IW and 2024 UACOG due to the entire situation with Chris Chan outside of the mod, and some feel as it isn't right to make a mod mocking them (although these claims are widely disputed) and JFNixon has stated that he never intended to cause harm with the mod, and he created it as a joke for his friends.

Gameplay and features[edit | edit source]

Theme and music[edit | edit source]

When the mod is loaded, the theme will activate, which has a Chris Chan comic (or a CWC comic) as the background, and the banner showcases Chris Chan (on the left), Barack Obama (on the right) and Sonichu (in the middle) in front of a building fire. When the player selects Chris Chan and the running mate of their choice, the song So Need a Cute Girl[2] will play, which is a Chris Chan parody cover of the 1999 song I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys.[3]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Endings[edit | edit source]

Normal Ending[edit | edit source]

To get this ending, you must win as Chris Chan with any running mate other than Sonichu. Your advisor will express his horror at this turn of events, making it clear your voters (who only voted for you out of pity or as a joke) also share his sentiment. He will then congratulate you on your victory before saying; "May God have mercy on us all".

Creation process[edit | edit source]

Mod release[edit | edit source]

Reception and controversies[edit | edit source]

Upon release, the mod was widely uncontroversial and praised. Most complaints about the mod upon release had to do with bugs in the code such as the Liquid Chris vice president option being broken. Three months after its initial release, Chan 2012 started to come under scrutiny by some users in the community for lackluster writing. This scrutiny was exemplified after the removal of 1948 Identity War from the mod loader drew attention to some other mods that might be deemed controversial.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Impact on future joke mods[edit | edit source]

Chris Chan 2012 would prove to shape up the genre of joke mods along with Breaking Bad 2008, as future joke mods like Spongebob 2008 and 2024 Santos would come out, being heavily influenced by it and Breaking Bad 2008.

The Acceptance Speech[edit | edit source]

At 2023's The Acceptance Speech show, Chris Chan 2012 would be nominated for the Best Joke Mod award, but after a closely contested battle, DPRK 2019 would defeat it alongside 1995 Iraq and Wii 2020. Chris Chan 2012 was not nominated for any other awards.

References[edit | edit source]