Destiny Arrives All The Same

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Destiny Arrives All The Same is an achievement in New Campaign Trail. To obtain the achievement, the player must receive 306-232 results in 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2016, 2020, and previously 1964 before its removal. The achievement is known for its steep difficulty, even by the standards of other achievements, as receiving a precise electoral result in 6 (formerly 7) elections is nearly impossible to perform consistently.

The achievement icon, as it displays when completed.



Credit Thebirdman333

Candidate: Jimmy Carter

Vice President: Scoop Jackson

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: Default

Visits: All in Washington


1) Scoop Jackson has served his home state of Washington well, and he is the best man for the job.

2) People want an outsider in government. I'm in a unique position to unite the country and move it towards a newer, more open chapter in its history.

3) I will never tell a lie to the American people. My Southern Baptist faith and my family have guided me for my entire life. I will make sure my biography and home town get heavy coverage in our advertisements.

4) We have to consider each case individually. New York was a one time thing, and they also had to make significant reforms before this loan was approved.

5) I don't support cuts, to be sure, but neither do we need increases. We have made great strides in reducing tension with the Soviet Union.

6) I believe that ways can be found to minimize forced busing while also remaining true to the Nation's ideals and our educational goals.

7) I will uphold the law as President, but I think it should be left to each state to decide. I would support an Amendment on this issue.

8) It would depend on things like how the law worked, and how we would pay for it. But I'm not opposed to it in theory.

9) I would need to think about this issue a little more before reaching a final decision.

10) I support the passage of this Amendment, and think it is a good thing for America.

11) Absolutely I do. We should not tolerate high unemployment in this country, and this Act provides the tools to prevent it.

12) I will apologize and admit that Playboy was not the best forum to discuss my Christian faith.

13) We might have a few areas in which we have different opinions, but that is what the Democratic Party is all about. Part of running a national campaign is compromising for the good of the whole.

14) Playboy definitely twisted these words to make them worse than they were. I will apologize profusely to the Johnson family and clarify this statement.

15) 3517 (yes, you want to lose the debate without Ford's gaffe).

16) Anyone can see that I am a strong supporter of Civil Rights. I don't agree with what Wallace did, but my campaign is about healing this nation and bringing all sides together to face the future.

17) Maybe this contributed, but we also increased spending which certainly did its part to stimulate the economy.

18) I'm neutral when it comes to the death penalty. This is an issue for the states to decide.


20) This is an issue I would have to consider more closely over the next couple of years. Let's see how the current negotiations go.

21) This is an interesting idea, but I'm more concerned about issues like education and health care.

22) I disagree strongly and believe that General Brown should be removed from this position for such comments. Israel is one of our most valued allies.

23) This policy is a win-win for us. It helps our own farmers prosper, and it is a public relations victory for the world to see the Soviet Union depending on American enterprise.

24) I've always believed in trying to change an institution from within. My family has consistently voted against segregation in our church, and will continue to do so.

25) Depending on your map, either East Coast or West Coast.  Try not to accidentally flip New Jersey or Oregon.  The other two options are too risky since Ford is probably barely ahead in those regions right now.  This is probably the hardest part, always look at the map before you select an option.  I usually go for West Coast and pray I don't accidentally flip Oregon.





Credit Thebirdman333

Candidate: Hillary Clinton

VP: Tim Kaine

Mode: Proportional

Difficultly: Impossible

Visits: All in Wyoming, but if you keep coming up one vote short, feel free to visit Texas or Georgia or something. Any state that is close to giving you another EV, really.

1) We're going to hit our rolodex and solidify our campaign organization and fundraising. I'm going to hit the trail for Democrats in the 2014 midterms. We will be well-prepared to outspend Jeb Bush and we will unite the party before the primaries..

2) Thoughts and prayers are not enough. Every American should be outraged that the assault rifles used in these attacks are freely available and affordable

3) The Republicans can't beat us on the issues, like raising the minimum wage or making college more affordable. So instead their allies in the right-wing media use these non-stories and innuendo to defend the privilege of the 1%. There is nothing to see here.

4) We need to do more for America. I have a plan to make college and health care affordable for every American, paid for by the 1%. The Republicans want to cut taxes for America's wealthiest citizens, so they can keep buying elections and asking Washington for bailouts and subsidies.

5) Tim Kaine has fought for American workers and families for his entire career. He is amply qualified and ready to step in for our agenda at a moment's notice.

6) Donald Trump would be a disaster for the future of this country. We need to do everything we can to appeal to moderate voters who can be swayed by a qualified candidate. Bernie unfortunately complicates things on that front.

7) I am opposed to this idea. Why should I turn myself into a lame duck and project weakness before the voting for my first term even starts?

8) My heart goes out to the victims of this terrible attack. I will give a speech in a few days about the importance of tolerance and diversity in our society.

9) I made my selection based on who is most qualified to serve as President, should the situation ever arise. Tim Kaine has served as a Governor and a Senator over the couse of many years, and he is a reliably progressive Democrat.

10) We need a minimum wage of at least $12 an hour, and hopefully more. I'm proud to stand with my running mate and advocate for the American worker in their fight against the 1%.

11) I was very sad when the public option was taken out of the Affordable Care Act. This is something we must fight for over the coming years, along with adequate funding and controls on prices.

12) This campaign is about our fight for hard working American families, regardless of their background. I'm not going to fall into the trap of making this election about Trump's behavior, instead of his disastrous policies.

13) Donald Trump claims to be a different kind of politician, but he says he will double down on the failed tax cuts and policies of George Bush. What did Einstein say about the definition of insanity?

14) We need a Green New Deal. Global warming is the great challenge of our era, and we need to make every investment we can to combat it. And furthermore, we need to make tough choices on our current economic and environmental regulations.

15) We need to be vigilant in every case, but a cap of 10 thousand people is appalingly low from any humanitarian perspective. This conflict has displaced millions, including small children and infants.

16) I want Barack Obama to be actively involved in our campaign. And more specifically, I want him to really campaign hard in places like Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and others where we need high levels of African-American support.

17) This deal was one of Barack Obama's real achievements during his time in office that we will uphold and enforce. I fully support it. (?)

NOTE: I don't really remember what I chose here, sorry. That said, this answers impact seems to be extremely minimal, anyways.

18) This was an ill-considered and insensitive comment on my part, and I apologize. While this is a real issue, saying it describes "half" of Trump's supporters is a definite exaggeration.

19) 5230

20) 5245

21) Like many women, I was sickened and appalled to see Donald Trump bragging about assault in casual conversation. Are these the values that we stand for in America, and that we want to teach our children?

22) This is a gross misrepresentation of my statements. I was speaking hypothetically about the future 40 or 50 years from now. And I would remind you that these statements were most likely leaked by Russian intelligence.

23) We have already implemented reforms to the DNC to prevent this in the future. And also, the idea that the nomination was "stolen" is absurd and unfactual.

24) Where is the investigation into the Russian leaks? Where is the investigation into Trump's blatantly illegal business practices over many years? This is an unprecededented and outrageous act of political interference by the FBI.

25) We're going to visit Colorado and Nevada, and maybe a short stop in Arizona, to rally Hispanic turnout and highlight Trump's outrages for a final time.



  • Viva Kennedy series maker Jake Dionysos reportedly received this achievement in December 2022, after “month of continuous grinding.” However, with the achievements being reset with the NCT Domain change, it is unclear if he still currently holds the achievement.
  • The achievement is a reference to the fact that both the 2016 and 2020 US Presidential Elections resulted in a 306-232 (de facto) electoral result.
  • Receiving the Civility Prevails...? achievement progresses this achievement, as 2020 is one of the required elections to complete the achievement, in addition to completing Civility Prevails. Because two achievements cannot be received at the same time, however, playing for Civility Prevails after 306-232 results in the other elections would require a second 2020 306-232 result to receive both, and is not reccomended.