Dixie Defeats Dewey

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Dixie Defeats Dewey is an achievement in New Campaign Trail. To receive this achievement, the player needs to win as Truman in 1948, while stopping Thurmond's southern walkout.

The icon for the achievement, as it displays when completed


Visits: New York

1. Veto it

2. We will recognize Israel

3. Our chances are bad enough without instigating a Southern walkout from our convention (per the achievement)

4. I stand by my actions 100%

5. We need to do whatever it takes to ensure that Berlin is adequately supplied

6. The Republicans are putting out a nice platform, but their own Congress has sandbagged half of these proposals in the past two years alone

7. Eastern Seaboard

8. This is something that we badly need right now

9. I'm calling Congress into session now so that the American people can see how little they are capable of accomplishing

10. I support universal healthcare coverage

11. I absolutely believe the federal government should be providing funds

12. We are the only thing standing between the world and global domination by the Soviets

13. I support the expansion of benefits

14. Eastern Seaboard

15. I don’t have a strong stance on this Amendment

16. The HUAC is a necessary defender

17. We need a federal housing bill

18. Corporations have been raising prices much faster than wages have increased

19. I support the Marshall Plan

20. Eastern Seaboard

21. The economy would be even better without the obstructionism of Congress

22. Part of our current economic problem is the inability of Congress to pass programs which would help the American worker

23. In the world we live in now, we need to remain vigilant

24. The Eastern Seaboard

25. New York