Enchantress of Equality

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"Enchantress of Equality" is an achievement in the 1952 scenario. It require the player to win as Sid McMath while choosing Helen Douglas as their running mate.

Guide[edit | edit source]

VP pick: Douglas, visits to Pennsylvania until question 15, then to North Carolina

Question 1: I see no reason why I ought not to run again, there’s no restriction against it, and there’s no guarantee I’ll get the nomination, though I’m confident we’ll get it. We ought to prepare an announcement on that shortly.

Question 2: Senator Douglas is a reasonable man, and one who has hitherto declined to run. I’m confident a meeting with him will reaffirm that position.

Question 3: Our nation can do better than the shortsighted policies of the Stassen Administration and his henchmen in the Congress. They have handed our people an economy built by and for the moneyed, a failed foreign policy that sends Americans to die to quell civil strife in Korea, and dangerous division in their own house, the kind that threatens to erode the foundations of the Republic.

Question 4: Two years ago, Helen Douglas ran in a Republican stronghold and nearly defeated Richard Nixon, who’s proved himself in Congress as nothing more than a vicious redbaiter. She raised Hell and fought her damndest to win the seat. We need that kind of spirit to win this election.

Question 5: We need to think outside the box and raise Hell in this election. I unequivocally oppose the corrupt institution of Segregation and will work to enact significant civil rights legislation if elected president.

Question 6: Though we may now captain the machinery of the Democratic Party, it is of vital importance that we continue the strategy which won us the nomination. These men will form the organization of our campaign on a local level, in order to ensure that our message is heard in every corner of the nation.

Question 7: America is ready to turn the page on this chapter of war and hardship thrust on the people by those in power. I am proud to represent the sort of new blood in touch with the average folk that we deserve.

Question 8: The redbaiters who have gripped the headlines with their vile demagoguery represent the very worst of our national character. I won’t hesitate to attack them while on the Trail.

Question 9: The beliefs of William Knowland are wildly out of step with those of the average folk. It isn’t no secret that his choice was a gift to the same conservatives in Congress who are fighting tooth and nail to take away our entitlements. Knowland isn’t exactly shy about his loyalty to a man as dangerous as Robert Taft. I cannot fathom the logic behind such a choice.

Question 10: I can think of anywhere better to campaign than California, where a fighting congresswoman showed the effectiveness of resilience against demagoguery and fire-poking two years ago, and speak to my own commitment to American liberty.

Question 11: I support our nation’s laborers and stand with our union men, who have been sold short by President Stassen’s flagrantly pro-big-business policies.

Question 12: As your Commander-in-Chief, and as an American who served in uniform, I understand the weight on a man’s soul when you’ve got a platoon counting on your leadership. I attack the notion put out by the other side that I don’t have a clue on global issues.

Question 13: Helen Douglas nearly won the senate seat in California two years ago, proving the state wasn’t quite the stronghold the Republicans believed it to be. We need Helen to crisscross the state, and the whole West Coast spreading the good word of our campaign.

Question 14: Yes, America is ready for a woman vice president. I see no logical reason as to why a Helen could do a job any worse than any Jim or John, just because of her sex. I am confident in her ability, and in the ability of any woman to do the same work as a man.

Question 15: In order to create more economic growth the United States must lower taxes and stabilize wages, whilst injecting more funding into our nation’s struggling education system.

Question 16: I would be proud to head the first campaign to make use of television. I have many endorsers in Hollywood, and a few select ads could be enough to make a serious splash over the airwaves.

Question 17: We must go on the attack if we are to win this election. However, I will avoid criticizing Stassen directly and focus my attacks on the ineffective, radical Republican Congress.

Question 18: The concept that this magnitude of American forces ought to be shedding their blood for the stability of a dictatorship an ocean apart is preposterous. I will bring the troops home on day one of my administration.

Question 19: This works great for us, as a matter of fact. We’ll accept his request and I’ll take some time off the trail in the coming days to prepare for the cameras. My running mate knows a thing or two about this sort of thing.

Question 20: I will simply reiterate my commitment to the diversity and openness of our democracy. Melvyn Douglas’ father came to this nation as a lowly immigrant, and his family has truly lived the American dream.

Question 21: If pressed, I will refer back to the ongoing investigation and affirm that my administration did nothing illegal during its entire course. My goal has been to reform the nation, not to engage in the same vices of our present leaderships.

Question 22: Imagine it: the destruction of our cherished New Deal. That is what the Republicans desire for our nation, and what they will enact if they are allowed another term with control of Congress and the Presidency. Elect me, and we will protect Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Question 23: As governor of Arkansas, my administration crafted for the children of the state the model classroom, and our example remains the pride of our state. On the issue of education, the choice could not be clearer between myself and the president.

Question 24: I join the great call across our nation for a pardon to be signed by the president for Ms. Keller’s behalf. The treatment of this brave woman—long-suffering for freedom from earthly disability and pain—brings shame to all America.

Question 25: My running mate fought hard against Nixon, and this provides us a unique opportunity to chip at the Republicans’ lead in this election and those down ballot. I will instruct my campaign to produce a radio ad on this subject.

Question 26: I am proposing significant reform to our healthcare system by providing government-funded insurance to the crippled and old collecting social security. This will be a major point of my campaign as we approach election day.

Question 27: As governor of the state of Arkansas I successfully passed a significant expansion of the state’s infrastructure, and I will do the same as president.

Question 28: We must establish flexibility in diplomatic affairs for the sake of my presidency; I’m sure Dean will understand.

Question 29: Operation Downfall was a mistake, that most destructive war could have been easily ended without the shedding of American blood by the use of the atom bomb. Since that information has become apparent in recent investigations I have been honest about my own involvement and my disdain for Wallace’s position in this case, and that is not something I am ashamed to reiterate.

Question 30: The state of New Jersey, long thought of as a Republican stranglehold is surprisingly close this time around. I will begin in Union City and crisscross the state shaking hands with as many of the state’s voters—and commuters—as I can before election day.