Guide: 1993 Post-Communist (Cheney)

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Guide[edit | edit source]

Credit: u/Gintas59

Visits: Mississippi, South Carolina

Richard B. Cheney/ John S. McCain

  1. Mafia, financial speculation and disorder have become so entrenched in our country that I simply had no other option. I will champion a return to normalcy and lead the country out of this crisis.
  1. Senator McCain is a hard worker and a veteran whose combination of political and military experience will help us settle our numerous foreign conflicts.
  1. The fact that some people treat a slightly less enormous disaster as a great accomplishment for Columbia's economic policies truly displays their inability to manage the economic transition.
  1. Mailer's government thought that handing out thousands of companies as checks and papers that people don't comprehend will actually create a free market. No, of course it will lead to speculators like Sanders growing rich and abusing the workers.
  1. I understand that we had to transition to free market capitalism, but it shouldn't have been done so hastily. Entire industries were thrown to a handful of speculators in a matter of weeks, of course they collapsed.
  1. De-cooperativization is a travesty. It needs to be paused for the time being, until the Department of Agriculture divides the collective-owned lands to private plots equitably.
  1. There is no reason why we cannot have both. NaHePro would be able to provide general health services and private healthcare can offer specialized care. This will take the load off state healthcare.
  1. Their candidate, Lake, left America when he was a baby and lived his whole life in Eurasia - do you really expect him to be able to lead this country? America needs a steward who understands its problems intimately.
  1. I heard the Mormons are doing quite well in Yucatan - they have an autonomous district and even petition the Mexican government for religious rights. Clearly, it's a home to them - while our farmers in Utah barely have enough land as it is. So, I don't think anything more than individual migration is acceptable.
  1. Is it really a mystery why these thugs only appeared after we restored capitalism? You couldn't find a single such story in the Daily Worker.
  1. Those statues look good and they are not Browder or Hoffa, so they're not inherently socialist. Why shouldn't they stay?
  1. I don't think the statue should be stopped, but there are some people whose obsession with problematic heroes from the White movement is... unhealthy. I think we need a more thorough historical education.
  1. This is exactly what I have McCain for. We will have him gather a... group of these "oligarchs" in favour of my candidacy and overwhelm these Columbian ads with our own.
  1. ...Okay. Perhaps we can cut a deal with him instead. I'll run for a single term and then endorse McCain as my successor in 1997.
  1. What's next, selling New York to service our national debt? I will not approve any policy which threatens our economic independence.
  1. I am the candidate of America's political and economic independence. I will do everything in my power to negotiate with China as equal partners, and accept no concessions that threaten our independence.
  1. While outright joining the EEC would be unthinkable, I think some cooperation could be considered - as long as it benefits us.
  1. RNG 1745
  1. He steals votes from Lake, not from us. Why should we try to take him out of the race? He's beneficial to us.
  1. Instead of voter suppression, let's simply extol our successful management of these states and try to stir up support nationwide.
  1. Of course, African-Americans are citizens of the States whose rights need to be defended like those of any other race. The DSA will create a bill which will heavily restrict the activity of such organizations of hate.
  1. As President, I will defend American sovereignty wherever possible. If Mexico wishes to threaten our sovereignty, I will not back down.
  1. Trump must be investigated. There is something dark that must be going on, hidden by that golden hair of his.
  1. People of such low moral character can only be controlled by violence - detention and perhaps even prison will teach these drunks a lesson, and when they're back in normal society, they'll think twice before taking a swig.
  1. Let's try to boost our profile nationwide instead. I will make a TV address where I will denounce the corruption of the Columbian government, their destruction of the cooperatives and industry, and appeal to national pride.