Guide: 1993 Post-Communist (Lake)

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Guide[edit | edit source]

Credit: u/philthy16

1993 PC Lake Guide

Using this guide, you will be able to win 489 Electoral Votes.

VP: Clinton

Visits: 5 in West Virginia, 4 in Kansas, 1 in Washington DC, 1 in Indiana, 1 in Montana,

  1. The decision to run for President was mine and mine alone. I run as the candidate of unity - having returned from Eurasia, I saw that the country is divided and leaderless, and needs a trustworthy figure at the helm.
  1. Not everyone is able to make the brave decision to change their ways and decide to fight for what is right and moral, and Clinton is one of those few who managed. With him by my side, we will restore moral order in this country.
  1. The economic situation is deplorable, and there are some moves made by the Mailer government which I disagree with. As President, I will revert the worst excesses of deregulation and seek to create a smoother and fairer process for privatization.
  1. While the Communist regime was undoubtedly evil and unjust, times have changed and we simply cannot practically wind back time to the 1930s. Certain laws, such as Jim Crow laws, must be left behind in the past.
  1. The handling of FBI informants should be on a confession basis. As President, I will establish a Court of Lustration, and all candidates for public office will have to disclose their work in the FBI to the judges. Truthfulness guarantees amnesty.
  1. The situation is terrible, but it is the natural consequence of Socialist era policy. As President, I will establish training programs which will allow former cooperative farmers to find jobs in the cities, reducing the tension in the countryside.
  1. There is no reason why we cannot have both. NaHePro would be able to provide general health services and private healthcare can offer specialized care. This will take the load off state healthcare.
  1. We will go on the attack. Cheney was a member of the CPUSSA for decades and his repudiation of communist ideology is clearly half-hearted. We will stoke fears that he will reestablish that tyrannical system once in power.
  1. It disgusts me to even say it, but I'll take a step further. I will visit friendly oligarchs - Sanders, Buffett, Bryant - and get their endorsement, alongside full aid from Eurasia. When it comes to stopping communism, we cannot hesitate.
  1. President Mailer has not done enough to stop the growth of the mafia in the cities. This will be my top priority as President - any measures that do not threaten the health of our democracy will be considered.
  1. The communist memorials, plaques and statues dotting the States are shameful, but they are still history. I would be willing to sponsor a memorial park which will remind visitors of this horrid period of our history, where these statues can be moved.
  1. I'm not going to go against Eurasia. Let some of Columbia's representatives attend the opening of the monument, I will not be there and I will avoid this topic on the campaign trail.
  1. Uh... Well, as I said, the economic situation will require us to, uh, reconsider the fate of the Eugene V. Debs Steelworks...
  1. ...Let's be clear here. Before his "awakening", Clinton was not a soft regional secretary. In fact, there's plenty of rumors floating about of him using the position to abuse... certain people. We will steer away from this, and not just to appease the anticommunists.
  1. I am fairly uneasy about restoring Prohibition outright, but certain policies such as a ban on all advertisements of alcohol products will definitely be included into our platform.
  1. Woodrow T. Wilson, the last great statesman of Old America whom I still look up to, championed the idea of self-determination. We should bring up this idea to the United Nations - by this principle, Hawaiians are Americans, and so should be in America.
  1. For the time being, I would draw the line at trade agreements and a visa-free regime.
  1. RNG 1745
  1. What does Chomsky even stand for? His personal views don't figure in his campaign at all. He's just another reactionary, even if of a different ilk than Cheney. Let's just focus on the DSA, and let that old professor tag along third in the race.
  1. Abusing Mother Nature as if they were its masters, the socialists created uncountable environmental disasters - the NAWAPA construction attempt created a toxic lake in the Rocky Mountain Trench and the Mississippi is nightmarishly polluted. I will hammer the DSA hard on this question.
  1. I will travel to Alabama and Mississippi. I will appeal to our common Christian faith, which helped the African-Americans endure the oppression and arrests of their community leaders in the late Socialist era. I will also make promises to curtail white supremacist organizations in the South.
  1. Mexico will not be able to operate those rigs, all of their operators and refineries are in Louisiana. I will refuse any Mexican attempts to claim the refineries.
  1. Trump must be investigated. There is something dark that must be going on, hidden by that golden hair of his.
  1. ...I will pretend I didn’t hear that. You never mentioned this to me.