Guide: 2016 (Trump)

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Credit: u/Prize_Self_6347

Visits: Virginia

VP: Pence

Q1: I'm the best thing that's happened to CNN since the Gulf War. If I stop tweeting for a couple of weeks, they'll run a story about me every hour asking why!

Q2: I'm deeply concerned about this whole episode. We don't know yet whether there was a crime or not, but you can be sure that a Trump Administration will be looking into this some more.

Q3: What happened in Orlando last right was a terrible tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.

Q4: This is a guy with a terrific record in state government, really terrific as Governor of Indiana. A wonderful Congressman you might have heard. And we need experience. Experience is very important. ( This is better, because you talk about his experience and not his conservatism, so it is more moderate.)

Q5: I will compare and contrast my stellar business record with the corruption and incompetence of Hillary Clinton, and remind voters of my views on Obamacare, tax cuts, and immigration. We're going to Make America Great Again. ( You can also choose, if you want, I am self-funding and independent from special interests. Hillary Clinton has taken money from Goldman Sachs, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and many large donors within the United States. Who do you trust?

Q6: We have some strong statements to make on foreign policy, on federal judges, on religious freedom and taxes, that I think are really gonna show people I'm serious, or*,* Hillary Clinton deleted 32,000 emails under House Subpoena, along with many other crimes. When people see that I'm the only one who can defeat Crooked Hillary, they will reject this nonsense.

Q7: My heart goes out to the fantastic and resilient people of France, it's one of the most beautiful countries, as they deal with unspeakable tragedy. ( Gives you a nationwide boost*. )*

Q8: Can you really blame Mike in this day and age? One false accusation or misinterpreted statement, and suddenly your entire career can be at risk. It can also be, I understand some of the issues with this. Nobody respects women more than I do, but at the same time, I have an absolutely tremendous amount of respect for Mike Pence, but the first is much safer and I think you lose less vote overall.

Q9: I thought it was very interesting when this decision was handed down. And not all the judges agreed, but you know, what can I really say about it? These are extremely intelligent people, these judges.

Q10: Life is one of those beautiful, beautiful things, it really is. And a lot of people, you know, it's always surprised me how many people have mixed feelings about life.

Q11: Obama's disastrous management has driven this program into the ground. We're going to stop the rate increases and the disaster stories of people being turned away from the health care they deserve.

Q12: We almost had immigration reform. A beautiful deal, except that some radical Democrats wouldn't agree to the border security. But I think they'll see the light once they lose this fall. ( Gives you a nationwide boost.)

Q13: This invasion was one of the biggest disasters in the history of the United States. We're going to dredge up a lot of memories about this before our campaign is through.

Q14: *You better believe that TPP is dead, from day one of my Presidency. And we're going to be looking into some of these other deals too and we'll be very careful about the trade deficit.*Or, We're going to end NAFTA and we're going to get a new deal with China when I'm President. What's happened with trade in the last twenty years is a disgrace.

Q15: The media totally leaves out the part where I said the ban should be temporary, until we can figure out what's going on. But they want to paint me as some kind of bigot to further their liberal agenda for America.

Q16: Where is Hillary Clinton's apology for the email server, the war in Iraq, the dead ambassador in Benghazi, the Goldman Sachs speeches, and so many other issues of importance?

Q17: There have been some interesting investigations into this that the American people should look into. But my focus now, we have the economy, China, and so many of these other issues.

Q18: Bill Clinton is a sick man and his people, including Hillary, have silenced a number of women over the years who tried to speak out, or, Over the years I've actually been tremendous friends with the Clintons. I really have. While they would be a disaster for the country, I don't want to get into that messy personal stuff. I think the first is a good answer, but the 2nd can make the pundits weirded out, like the France answer, and this is better.

Q19: The most important thing right now is to remember our heroes from 9/11. I will be making a number of campaign stops these next few days where I mention our veterans, and our other heroes, or In spite of everything, I hate to see something like this. You know, she was at my wedding. A lot of people forget that, but I never want to see her undergo physical harm. I wish Hillary a speedy recovery and I'm sending her my thoughts.

Q20: Believe me, I can't wait to debate Hillary Clinton. ( Choose the answer that ends in ...9 )

Q21: This outrage is an elitist conspiracy to undermine my chances in the final days of this race. NBC was sitting on this video for 11 years! It almost reminds you of what they did to Bush in 2000. ( Fires up the base and hurts you the least overall. )

Q22: This just shows how terrified the DNC and the political establishment are of substantive change to the system. I am the outsider candidate who will fix Washington and drain the swamp.

Q23: As usual, Hillary has been caught telling lies. For all we know, this is just the beginning. Do we really want a President, and then a month after they're elected we find out they're being blackmailed by Russia or China?

Q24: I don't want to speculate on what kind of incriminating new evidence might be in these emails. I just want to focus on our Make America Great Again agenda during the closing stretch of this election.

Q25: "Don't choose Florida and the midwest, because by now, they are locked in your camp. Choose Pennsylvania if you want to be sure that you'll win Virginia or Nevada and Colorado, if you think that Colorado is winnable."