Guide: 2020 (Biden)

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Guide[edit | edit source]

Credit: u/SmellySwantae

Visits: Only Ohio

VP: Demings

Q1: We're going to build back better than ever before.

Q2: We're going to defeat COVID and get America working again.

Q3: Who authorized this meeting? Did I authorize this meeting?

Q4: I should be out there talking to the American people.

Q5: When you look at all the work that Val Demings has done in Florida

Q6: I'm proud of my son.

Q7: I'm not going to spend the 2020 campaign focusing on 2019 issues.

Q8: This case is no excuse for the rioting and disorder

Q9: If you look at what's happening right now with Trump and Mitch McConnell

Q10: Two of my old friends, Jimmy Carter and James Baker

Q11: One of the first things we're going to do when I'm President

Q12: We're not going to have a national lockdown.

Q13: We can sit around all day worrying about tactics

Q14: The Court has had nine justices since 1869

Q15: 6078

Q16: Jill and I are praying

Q17: We've tried to build Afghanistan into a stable

Q18: The right-wing media

Q19: We're going to undo some of these policies

Q20: People know all about Donald Trump

Q21: With what we've seen recently in Hong Kong and Xinjiang

Q22: These attacks are wrong and they should prosecuted

Q23: If Trump thought he was going to win this election

Q24: This is a fake laptop. End of story.

Q25: I want us to focus on Pennsylvania, with maybe a quick stop over the border in Ohio.