Hubert Horatio'd

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Hubert Horatio'd is an achievement where you have to get over 430 electoral votes as Hubert H. Humphrey in the 1968 scenario. The achievement name is based off Humphrey's middle name, Horatio. This achievement is infamous for being very RNG based.


WARNING: This achievement is heavily reliant on RNG, so this might take a couple of tries.

Guide Credit: Balungus

VP: Edmund Muskie

Visits: Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas

1: My speech will hinge on a defense of liberalism and on the strong economy. I will call for a truce in Vietnam and for a truce on the racial issues in our country.

2: First and foremost, I will end the war in Vietnam by any means necessary. Beyond that I will support the AFL-CIO and otherwise bear the standard for liberalism in this country.

3: We should stop bombing North Vietnam and attempt to negotiate a peace settlement. In the mean time, we should be putting our troops at risk only when absolutely necessary.

4:This is a real opening for us. I will challenge Nixon on this relentlessly (RNG 3265)

5: Our first priority is always to have strong law enforcement. We also need more spending on education, more integration in our schools, and more programs to ensure that blacks can advance in our society after the stain of segregation.

6: I strongly support what we have done to end the insidious practice of segregation in the South. However i'm also alarmed at some of the ideas I've heard about forced integration of neighborhoods, or the proposed busing of students in schools.

7: Doesn't matter.

8: I commend this piece of legislation. Already we see many Americans receiving health care who would otherwise be stricken with serious and/or fatal conditions.

9: The unemployment rate right now is under four percent. Workers, particularly those in labor unions, enjoy high purchasing power and an ever expanding lifestyle. Economic growth throughout the 1960's has been outstanding.

10: I do agree with the idea that education is a local matter. I'm not especially opposed to busing where local authorities deem it necessary, but I would only use the federal government in extraordinary circumstances.

11: We need to remind union workers at every opportunity that Mr. Wallace is anti-union and regressive on every economic issue of the day.

12: There is a cynicism in our poorest neighborhoods endangered by poverty and by brutality of the police. I will vigorously address both of these issues when i'm elected.

13: We want to compete in every southern state. I will run to the right of Wallace on economic issues while lamenting the interference of the federal government in education and housing.

14: Absolutely not. I'm looking for ways to end this war with an honorable peace agreement, not ways to incite Red China.

15: As president, I'm confident that all sides can come together and negotiate a long-term peace agreement. Certainly the return of Sinai or the Golan Heights should not be off the table.

16: Doesn't matter

17: I support the War on Poverty as it stands. We have passed a lot of initiatives and we should wait to see what affect they have. To me, cracking down on the law and order issues is more important.

18: I think there's a lot to blame for both sides. Surely we can all agree that violence cannot be condoned, no matter the source.

19: My goal as president will be to negotiate a comprehensive peace treaty between North and South Vietnam and end this war. That is the only real solution.

20: Our goal is a society that works for everyone. The Black Panthers have instigated some ugly incidents, and I believe they have done more harm than good for the cause of integration.

21: I will definitely work towards the control of nuclear weapons as President. I sincerely hope that we can work out a reasonable agreement on this issue.

22: We should always be looking towards areas of agreement, however limited, between ourselves, the Soviet Union, and Red China. At the very least we can implement arms treaties and avoid the threat of a nuclear war.

23: We need to continue to fight for the legacy of Dr. King. The continuing poverty of the blacks in our cities and in the South are a sobering reminder of how much work is left to be done.

24: I will do anything in my power to defend the Great Society initiatives that we have. In those cases where these programs fail to eradicate poverty, I will not hesitate to augment them.

25: This is bordering on treason. The American people deserve to hear this. (RNG 3277)