Jefferson and Manufacturing

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"Jefferson and Manufacturing" is an achievement available in the 1792: The Young Manufacturing scenario. It requires the player to win New Hampshire while Virginia

Guide[edit | edit source]

Question 1: This plan is not dissimilar from one of my own proposals in the Old Congress, and it is altogether most important that we pay off our debts. I support Secretary Hamilton's measure.

Question 2: In my studies on the ancient democracies, I have discovered that these democracies were nothing more than aristocracies, as the vast majority of these states' populations were enslaved. Is this not what we see in the southern states?

Question 3: I am certainly wary of the power the Bank of the United States has on our government, but I am not willing to make this a major part of the republican platform. We should be emphasizing strict neutrality in foreign affairs, which Hamilton is seemingly trying to pervert for a close association with Britain.

Question 4: John’s a good man, willing to listen to reason; I just have to explain Hamilton will abandon him as soon as he takes one step out of the monocratic party line. Thomas, I am as shocked as you are that this is the man who has taken hold of our once great Virginia president. I will immediately request a meeting with Washington and explain who the real faction is.

Question 5: I trust Thomas' judgment on this one. I am not here to control every aspect of his life.

Question 6: George and I helped bring the Bill of Rights to fruition, and it is a proven winner in New York; there is really no need for the switch.

Question 7: Washington’s popularity is too useful to be thrown away; I must urge him not to resign. If it is truly his will, I will attach a draft of a farewell address for him.

Question 8: I myself was once a land speculator, as was George Washington and many other good Americans; there's really no need to focus on an issue I could get wrapped up in.

Question 9: As gruesome as the packing of men into cities is, frankly, it is the way of life some people wish to pursue. If we want to make any breakthroughs, we need to emphasize that we are not hostile toward them.

Question 10: I'd like to continue with another divisive essay, this time on the history and future of partisanship in America. "The antirepublican party, as it may be called, being the weaker in point of numbers, will be induced by the most obvious motives to strengthen themselves with the men of influence, particularly of moneyed…"

Question 11: That whore's son! James, in the correspondence that I have in my possession between Thomas and me during his time as Minister to France, you will find only hesitancy from Jefferson due to the absence of an enumeration of rights.

Question 12: Let us publicly honor the late George Mason, whose Virginia Declaration of Rights inspired our own declaration of rights.

Question 13: I'll meet with Frederick Muhlenberg and defer much of the Pennsylvania work to him.

Question 14: Massachusetts politics has long been divided between rural and urban; we need to try to win over the urban by softening our stance on manufacturing.

Question 15: Publish Paine's work; he's a man of the people, and people will be receptive to what he has to say.

Question 16: There is no need to publish something that is so clearly divisive.

Question 17: The social good is most certainly hurt by atheism being present in a nation; the republicans are in agreement with the monocrats here.

Question 18: The Gazette and the republicans SUPPORT this solution; it is a reasonable proposal that will mitigate the harm done by the national bank.

Question 19: Yea! Simple frontier life is what brings happiness to mankind; how can we encourage people to settle if they are not safe?

Question 20: We can thread a needle on this; people have different ways of life in other states.

Question 21: That bastard. Let us see how the public reacts. [4213]

Question 22: We'll influence Washington by taking the matter to the public and publishing everything we can find in support of the French. The destiny of the world depends on it.

Question 23: Try to shut down everything about Paine in papers that we can control and keep printing pro-French articles; Thomas doesn't realize the damage he's doing to our cause in America.

Question 24: Get real with Freneau; I need to tell him to stop attacking Washington until this election is over; it's not helping our chances in the vice presidential or Congressional races.

Question 25: The House of Representatives jointly condemns hostile action by Indian nations, and we ask for retribution and justice. We agree with the immediate payment of all public debts but endorse the repeal of the tax on spirits while condemning non-compliance.