Lieutenant Dan Taylor

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Not to be confused with the character from Forrest Gump, who is also named Lieutenant Dan Taylor.

Lieutenant Dan Taylor
Join Date May 20th, 2022
Status Currently:
  • Mod Writer

Lieutenant Dan Taylor, (also known as Lt. Dan or u/LtDanTaylor66) is a writer for New Campaign Trail. She is most known for her writing contributions to the Spongebob 2008 mod, and she and Diamondy (who coded the mod) are currently planning on a sequel to the mod.[1] She is also working on another mod of her own called 2000 McMahon.[2] This mod was originally going to be worked on by u/Alures and Lt. Dan, but Alures had expressed that he had IRL issues and he would hand over the reigns to Lt. Dan, who would then work on the mod herself. Lt. Dan is an administrator on the official TCT Discord server, and she has attempted to run for moderator on the TCT subreddit, but she lost to Jake Dionysos and Astro in the August 2022 election.