Marx's Dream

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"Marx's Dream" is an achievement in the 1845: Utopian and Locofoco scenario. It requires the player to win while supporting the admission of Texas as a free state and identifying as a socialist

Guide[edit | edit source]

Question 1: I will proudly support the annexation of Texas, the opening up of new lands to settlers will let those trapped in cities to free themselves and live rich new lives.

Question 2: It is frightening what my opponent stands for, the raising of tariffs will do nothing but choke out American agriculture and starve this district.

Question 3: Do the Whigs in this country have nothing better to do than attack the religion of their opponents? This behavior reminds me of the riots that broke out in Philadelphia last year.

Question 4: I will ask the paper to withdraw their statement, voters must be informed about their candidates and this is a matter where Mr. Wilson and I are in agreement.

Question 5: I believe in the gradual emancipation of slavery and I believe Texas and the entirety of Mexico should enter our union as a free state, as our Founders would have us do.

Question 6: I continue to eagerly support an immediate annexation of Texas.

Question 7: This scandal is not worth the trouble, I would like to be baptized into some nearby Unitarian sect and confess a belief in Christ.

Question 8: There’s no need to comment on my credentials for an office I am not running for.

Question 9: It is no secret I spent much time building New Harmony. I am a Socialist and I believe New Harmony is an example to the world of the system we must adopt.

Question 10: This is no time for politics, I will invoke the memory of his heroism at New Orleans and his time as a general.

Question 11: Protection is nothing more than a fancy word for stealing from our nation's poorest. I likewise oppose the Whig policy of Distribution which works to the same ends.

Question 12: I agree with the words of detractors, indeed The Democracy stands for hard money, an independent treasury, and equality of all humans, just as Frances Wright did.

Question 13: Dorr was fairly elected governor, Rhode Island's lack of a constitution was repugnant to our own constitution, I supported Dorr's movement fully.

Question 14: The treatise was a philosophical musing that has little to do with my work as a U.S. representative.

Question 15: I will attempt to tie Wilson further to his failing national party, he would be nothing more than a tool for Henry Clay and the American System.