Midnight 64

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Midnight 1964
Creators Gardfeld

Jake Dionysos

Genre Alt-History
  • Barry Goldwater (R-AZ)
  • Lyndon Johnson (D-TX) (inc.)
Canon Result
  • Barry Goldwater victory

Midnight '64 is the first installment in the planned Midnight series of mods, created by Gardfeld. The mod focuses on an alternative version of the 1964 United States presidential election, in which Robert F. Kennedy runs a primary challenge against incumbent Lyndon B. Johnson.

Code 1[edit]

On November 22, 1963, while on parade in Dallas, Texas, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. The American people, distraught over the loss of their young, charismatic, and inspiring leader, still haven't fully recovered.

Beyond that horrible tragedy, the state of the nation is a mixed bag. Under the new President's leadership, the economy is on the rise, but racial turmoil continues to be an issue, and the direction of the nation's foreign policy remains unclear.

  • Goldwater hopes to reunite his party while maintaining control of his Conservative base.
    • Johnson must keep hold of his lead by emphasizing his record and the extremism of his opponent.
  • Presidential candidates:
  • Republican Canidate
  • Name: Barry M. Goldwater
  • Party: Republican
  • Home State: Arizona
  • Barry Morris Goldwater is an incumbent Senator from the state of Arizona, himself having served for more than ten years in the office. Ever since the release of his book, “The Conscience of a Conservative,” in 1960, he is a household name, known for being a staunch conservative and constitutional constructionist.
  • Running mates:
  • Name: William E. Miller
  • Party: Republican
  • Home State: New York
  • William Edward Miller is an incumbent member of the House of Representatives, a former Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the current Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Behind the scenes, he supported you in your quest for the nomination, and many feel that he deserves a place on the ticket.
  • Democratic candidate
  • Name: Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Party: Democratic
  • Home State: Texas
  • For the past three years, Lyndon Baines Johnson has been the nation's Vice President, serving under the beloved Jack Kennedy. The office is largely a ceremonial role, with its duties being delegated to it by the President. No such duties have come, with Kennedy instead opting to seek counsel from his family, including his brother Robert, the Attorney General. It appears his only purpose was getting the South in line back in 1960.
  • Democrat running mate:
  • Name: Hubert H. Humphrey
  • Party: Democratic
  • Home State: Minnesota
  • Hubert Horatio Humphrey is an incumbent Senator from Minnesota, and well known as a liberal member within the party. During his time in Congress, Humphrey has been at the forefront of the Civil Rights issue from as far back as the 1948 D.N.C., in which he personally oversaw the addition of a Civil Rights plank to the Party Platform.

Canon Results[edit]

Electoral votes: Barry M. Goldwater 271 EV. Lyndon B. Johnson 267 EV.

Popular vote Barry M. Goldwater 33.190.893 (47,21%) Lyndon B. Johnson 37.113.900 (52.72%)