Moscow's Musketeers

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Moscow's Musketeers is an achievement in New Campaign Trail. To receive this achievement, the player needs to win the popular vote as Trump/Palin in 2016.

The icon for the achievement, as it displays when completed

Guide[edit | edit source]

VP: Palin (per achievement)

Visits: California (cutting into Hillary's numbers is key)

Q1: I'm the best thing that's happened to CNN since the Gulf War. If I stop tweeting for a couple of weeks, they'll run a story about me every hour asking why!

Q2: Around the world we have Islamic terror striking at innocent lives, while the Democrats do nothing. If this attack on the LGBT community, this vicious attack, isn't enough to make them wake up, then what is?

Q3: I'm deeply concerned about this whole episode. We don't know yet whether there was a crime or not, but you can be sure that a Trump Administration will be looking into this some more.

Q4: The sexist liberal media continues to blame this phenomenal woman for lazy John McCain's implosion in 2008. When I win this election, the failing New York Times will see just how wrong they've been!

Q5: I am self-funding and independent from special interests. Hillary Clinton has taken money from Goldman Sachs, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and many large donors within the United States. Who do you trust?

Q6: My heart goes out to the fantastic and resilient people of France, it's one of the most beautiful countries, as they deal with unspeakable tragedy.

Q7: Hillary Clinton deleted 32,000 emails under House Subpoena, along with many other crimes. When people see that I'm the only one who can defeat Crooked Hillary, they will reject this nonsense.

Q8: This is the kind of woman Sarah Palin is and the kind of woman we want in our campaign. Let's just remind her to keep firing away at Crooked Hillary and all the crimes and anti-woman activites of the Clinton cabal.

Q9: The media totally leaves out the part where I said the ban should be temporary, until we can figure out what's going on. But they want to paint me as some kind of bigot to further their liberal agenda for America.

Q10: There's a list of 20 federal judges that I will promise to make appointments from? If that will make Ted Cruz endorse me, it seems like a small price to pay.

Q11: We need this campaign to focus on the substantive issues, like Obama's assault on religious freedom and free speech. There are plenty of people out there digging up dirt on the Clintons.

Q12: Where is Hillary Clinton's apology for the email server, the war in Iraq, the dead ambassador in Benghazi, the Goldman Sachs speeches, and so many other issues of importance?

Q13: You better believe under my Administration, we're going to be focusing on America first, and not on these idiotic wars and trade deals. Do you think Hillary Clinton feels the same way?

Q14: We're going to be incredibly strong on the Second Amendment. If you look at Hillary, she's very obviously someone who hates guns. And I mean, I'm just talking about the facts here. But we're going to make guns even more legal.

Q15: No matter what she says now, we know Hillary Clinton was a hawk on Iraq, she opposed gay marriage, she loved NAFTA and China, she was anti-illegal immigration, and much more. I don't know how her supporters can trust her.

Q16: The FBI really covered for Crooked Hillary on this one. We will be asking, "Where's the indictment?" every day in my speeches, and on social media.

Q17: You know, this is hard for me. Really it's not something I usually do, I'm very against it. But this one time, I am willing to apologize for what I said a couple of times. Emotions were heated, and I may have helped push a couple of individuals over the line.

Q18: We almost had immigration reform. A beautiful deal, except that some radical Democrats wouldn't agree to the border security. But I think they'll see the light once they lose this fall.

Q19: In spite of everything, I hate to see something like this. You know, she was at my wedding. A lot of people forget that, but I never want to see her undergo physical harm. I wish Hillary a speedy recovery and I'm sending her my thoughts.

Q20: RNG 5089

Q21: It's not often that I feel shame. People who know me can agree. But I am very sorry for the way I acted in this situation, and we can't allow one ill-advised conversation to derail the entire future of the United States.

Q22: No wonder she was working so hard to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. She's the Goldman Sachs candidate, folks, plain and simple.

Q23: This just shows how terrified the DNC and the political establishment are of substantive change to the system. I am the outsider candidate who will fix Washington and drain the swamp.

Q24: From the start, it's incredible that Hillary Clinton was even allowed to run. We're just fortunate that this news came out before the election. Can you imagine?!

Q25: The pundits might say this is crazy, but we're going to visit Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. I think I can do four, maybe five rallies in one day. Maybe six.