Nader's Raiders

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"Nader's Raiders" is a New Campaign Trail Achievement available in the 2000 scenario. To achieve it the player character must win 5 percent of the vote as Ralph Nader, with Cakewalk difficulty legal.

The icon for the achievement, as it displays when completed


Visits: New York

Difficulty: Cakewalk

  1. The best way to gather votes is to run up our totals in liberal states like New York, Massachusetts, and California. We will focus on these areas heavily.
  2. The two parties are almost the same on every major issue. Neither supports meaningful campaign finance reform, universal health care, free college education, a peaceful foreign policy, or the protection of American workers. I present a true alternative to the American people.
  3. We need to remain an engaged, committed defender of human rights in the world. We should do everything possible to secure the friendship of nations like Russia and China, and to prevent atrocities and genocide in the developing world.
  4. This was an issue that had no bearing on the security of the United States. We also ruined any chance of mediation by insisting on the autonomy of Kosovo.
  5. This attack was a tragedy, but it underscores the need to the United States to have a more limited foreign policy. The Cold War is over, and it doesn't make sense to deploy troops in so many parts of the world.
  6. The law is the law. Elian belongs in Cuba with his father. These questions are never easy, but the Clinton Administration and Janet Reno did what they had to do.
  7. I would establish an iron-clad lockbox for the Social Security fund. When we allow the federal government to borrow our Social Security money, we put every senior in this country at risk.
  8. I would prefer to see us allocate this money to new and existing government programs so that all Americans can share in our prosperity.
  9. We need more spending for America's struggling schools, and national standards and testing to identify and fix poor performers. Every child deserves a strong, functional school to attend.
  10. I am my own man. I respect Bill Clinton in many ways, but his personal conduct was lacking in this case.
  11. I have no plan to cut taxes. If anything, we might need some increases to strengthen Social Security.
  12. It seems very unlikely that the Senate will ever come up with the votes to ratify this agreement. I don't know how my support or opposition would change that equation.
  13. This plan will take money out of the public schools and will not fix the underlying problem of poor education in the United States.
  14. These agreements are bad because they favor the rights of countries like China and Mexico over those of the United States. I support foreign trade, but I do not support the surrender of America's rights and sovereignty.
  15. To defend against whom? The Cold War is over and we should be working with Russia, not against them. This is just more unnecessary military spending.
  16. We need more funding for Medicare. We need to hold providers accountable when they fall short, by curbing excess profits for pharmaceuticals and targeting HMOs that drop seniors.
  17. Let's emphasize that both Democrats and Republicans have sold out the American worker to the interests of corporations. I will remind people of NAFTA, the WTO protests, and other decisions that have decimated American manufacturing.
  18. We need a path to citizenship for those in the country, and we need a system of work permits and strict enforcement on employers, so that immigrants do not depress American wages. We should increase aid to Latin America to reduce the rich-poor divide in our economies.
  19. Let's emphasize that both Democrats and Republicans have sold out the American worker to the interests of corporations. I will remind people of NAFTA, the WTO protests, and other decisions that have decimated American manufacturing.
  20. This is clear political gamesmanship which I cannot support in good conscience. The Reserve should be used in cases of national emergency only. Furthermore, why did Clinton announce this decision so close to the election?
  21. I don't have any comment. I trust the people of New York to make the right decision on this issue.
  22. I support increased federal hate crime legislation. No American should ever feel like a target of intimidation because of their identity.
  23. Unfortunately, coal is one of the dirtiest forms of energy in existence. I don't see how we can continue to rely on it for the majority of America's energy needs.
  24. RNG 3473
  25. I will hold massive rallies in New York and try to run up my vote total in the left-leaning, uncontested states of that region. People should not be afraid to vote for me.


  • The description states that, to get the achievement, the player needs to "Win 5% of the popular vote as Ralph Rader (All difficulties allowed)." As of January 2024, this typo is still up.
  • The name of the achievement, "Nader's Raiders", is in reference to seven volunteer law students Ralph Nader had recruited in the late 1960's to aid him in evaluating the various aspects of consumer advocacy for which Nader was known for.