Not Because It IS Hard, But Because It Is Easy

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''Not Because It Is hard, But because It Is Easy'' is an achievement that requires you to play John Kennedy and get less than 100 electoral votes on cakewalk difficulty. The achievement name is based on a quote from John Kennedy's We choose to go to the Moon speech at Rice University in 1962.

(Remember Unoptimal RNG Is Best!)


Strategy Credits: Datboi9898

VP: Hubert H. Humphrey

Visits: Texas

1: It is important to keep the Democratic Party moving into the future. We need to act on civil rights, education, and health care over the coming term.

2: Hubert Humphrey has been an unwavering friend of the farmer, the Negro, and the laborer in his years in the Senate. He is the type of man who reflects my deepest held beliefs on these issues.

3: We are on the right track economically. We can't deny that there was a recession in 1958, but recovery has been strong and 1960 will see a very high rate of growth in this country.

4: This program would represent a massive new financial commitment for the federal government, when care of the elderly properly rests with the affected family.

5: In the final analysis, every dollar spent on defense is taken from more productive uses within our economy. I will look for ways to find common ground with the Soviet Union so that we can cut defense spending.

6: I am satisfied with our progress over the past few years. We have prevented further expansion while avoiding any major wars.

7: I am as satisfied as I can be. With sound defense policies and economic growth, we should continue to maintain our advantage over the Soviet Union.

8: I favor a more cautious approach really. I'm a little concerned by some of the tactics we've seen recently in the civil rights movement.

9: Richard Nixon and I entered Congress in the same year 1947, and have both served in the highest level of government for some time.

10: I will attack the idea that any good protestant would vote against my candidacy because I happen to be a Catholic.

11: These activists are trespassing on the property of lawful businesses. I think there are better methods of pushing for change in the South.

12: We lost a lot of ground diplomatically after this event, and much of that could have been avoided had we issued a formal apology.

13: We should have found a better way to resolve this issue, rather than intrude into the sovereignty of an American state.

14: I am Catholic and proud of it. I will not respond to bigoted attacks or innuendo, and I trust that these attacks will only help me by driving higher Catholic turnout.

15: Lets be cautious with this idea. Nixon is a skilled debater, and the last thing we need right now is a campaign setback on national television.

16: I would not support a measure like this. This would be an unnecessary and unconstitutional interference into the rights of our states.

17: We need lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a smaller federal government. This will encourage private enterprise and spur a recovery to our industrial capacity.

18: We should be vigilant against labor union excesses, and the Taft-Harley Act was a good start. I believe that we should keep that law in place.

19: We have too much of a farm surplus right now, and we need to increase subsidies for production so that prices can fall into balance and benefit the consumer.

20: I believe minimum wage is at the very least a bad economic idea, and possibly unconstitutional. I do not support this increase.

21: We will defend our base at Guantanamo and do anything else that is necessary if Cuba continues its hostility. However, it is too early to make a conclusive determination at this point.

22: Its unfortunate that we've become less vigilant on the internal Communist threat in recent years. Espionage and infiltration of our government is as serious a threat as external Soviet Union.

23: We need to cut this rate substantially. It is way too high.

24: I will give a statement encouraging the State of Georgia to protect the safety of Mr. King, while criticizing him for participating in these inflammatory and illegal protests.

25: We will focus on Texas and the South.