Radical Liberal Jimmy Carter

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"Radical Liberal Jimmy Carter" is a New Campaign Trail Achievement available in the 1976 scenario. To achieve it the player character must win over 400 electoral votes after running a platform that is staunchly pro-choice and promises universal healthcare.

The icon for the achievement, as it displays when completed

Guide[edit | edit source]

VP: Jackson

Visits: Illinois, California (whichever you are doing worse in, if equal go California)

  1. Scoop Jackson has the right ideas about what it means to be a Democrat -- strong on defense, and tireless in his fight for working class American.
  2. People want an outsider in government. I'm in a unique position to unite the country and move it towards a newer, more open chapter in its history.
  3. I will never tell a lie to the American people. My Southern Baptist faith and my family have guided me for my entire life. I will make sure my biography and home town get heavy coverage in our advertisements.
  4. We have to consider each case individually. New York was a one time thing, and they also had to make significant reforms before this loan was approved.
  5. I don't support cuts, to be sure, but neither do we need increases. We have made great strides in reducing tension with the Soviet Union.
  6. I believe that ways can be found to minimize forced busing while also remaining true to the Nation's ideals and our educational goals.
  7. I am a pro-choice candidate, and I support the Roe v. Wave decision. (Achievement question)
  8. I would absolutely support a law like this as President. It is past time that our nation had health coverage for all. (Achievement question)
  9. It is time for America to move past this issue. I will issue an immediate pardon if I am elected President.
  10. I don't really have a strong statement to make on this Amendment. This is an issue for Congress and the states to decide.
  11. I can see both sides of this issue, but if Congress passes this Act I won't veto it as President.
  12. I will apologize and admit that Playboy was not the best forum to discuss my Christian faith.
  13. We might have a few areas in which we have different opinions, but that is what the Democratic Party is all about. Part of running a national campaign is compromising for the good of the whole.
  14. Playboy definitely twisted these words to make them worse than they were. I will apologize profusely to the Johnson family and clarify this statement.
  15. I think this is a good idea that will show I'm serious about openness in government.(RNG 3518 or 3519)
  16. Anyone can see that I am a strong supporter of Civil Rights. I don't agree with what Wallace did, but my campaign is about healing this nation and bringing all sides together to face the future.
  17. I believe that any recovery that has occurred was incidental to those tax cuts. The cause was a combination of natural economic strength and increased spending.
  18. I'm neutral when it comes to the death penalty. This is an issue for the states to decide.
  19. We need to do anything we can, including reducing our consumption, working for peace deals, producing domestically, and stabilizing our relationships with oil-producing allies.'
  20. This is an issue I would have to consider more closely over the next couple of years. Let's see how the current negotiations go.
  21. This is an interesting idea, but I'm more concerned about issues like education and health care.
  22. I disagree strongly and believe that General Brown should be removed from this position for such comments. Israel is one of our most valued allies.
  23. This policy is a win-win for us. It helps our own farmers prosper, and it is a public relations victory for the world to see the Soviet Union depending on American enterprise.
  24. I've always believed in trying to change an institution from within. My family has consistently voted against segregation in our church, and will continue to do so.
  25. We will hit the West Coast hard, from Washington, through Oregon, down to California.