Spongebob 2008

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SpongeBob 2008
Creators Diamondy (Coder)

Lt. Dan Taylor (Lead Writer)

Adeline (Writer)

Genre Joke Mod
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (D-HI)
  • Squidward Tentacles (R-MO)
  • Patrick Star (Re-ME)
  • Stephen Hillenburg (I-OK)
Canon Result
  • 322 D
  • 209 R
  • 7 Re

SpongeBob 2008 (sometimes referred to as SpongeBob '08, SB08, or just simply the SpongeBob mod) is a mod created by; Diamondy, Lieutenant Dan Taylor, and Adeline with additional help from other recognizable TCT names like Astro and Danxv33. It is the first installment of the SpongeBob mod series, with it's successor SpongeBob 2012 expected to release later on in 2024. The mod features characters from the beloved cartoon series known as SpongeBob SquarePants[1] running in the 2008 United States presidential election. The mod features SpongeBob SquarePants and Sandy Cheeks as the Democratic ticket, Squidward Tentacles and Eugene Krabs as the Republican ticket, Patrick Star and Dwayne Johnson as the Reform ticket, and Stephen Hillenburg running a write-in campaign. SpongeBob canonically wins with 322 electoral votes and 45.0% of the popular vote, to Squidward's 209 electoral votes and 32.9% of the popular vote. Additionally, Patrick wins 7 electoral votes in the states of Vermont and Maine, and 20.6% of the popular vote. The rest of the remaining popular vote is split between Stephen Hillenburg and other minor candidates like Ralph Nader.

Gameplay and features[edit]

Opening screen and features[edit]

The mod begins with a bright colorful SpongeBob theme, as the song "On the Beach" by Kapono Beamer plays along with it. When the player clicks the "Click Here to Begin!" button, the player is greeted with a brief description of the election and a credits button (which was borrowed from 2000N) and the credits include; a special thanks to Stephen Hillenburg, coders (only one being Diamondy), writers, playtesters, music credits, and a special note from Diamondy. When you click on the continue button, the music switches from On the Beach to the official SpongeBob theme song with a large soundtrack full of SpongeBob music, and a separate soundtrack including a lot of songs from the Billboard 100 in 2008. Some songs include; Viva La Vida, Paralyzer, Low, Poker Face, Chocolate Rain, Paper Planes, Disturbia, and I Kissed a Girl, among others.


The three playable candidates are SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward Tentacles, and Patrick Star. SpongeBob has: Sandy, Larry, Mermaid Man, and Gary as his playable VPs - Squidward has: Krabs, Plankton, Kelpy G, SpongeBong as his playable VPs - and Patrick only has one official playable VP who is The Rock (or Dwayne Johnson). On July 17th, 2023, a secret VP for Patrick Star was released - and early access was given to a TCT user by the name of Interesting for finding every ending in the mod.[2] The gameplay is very versatile on all playable sides, showcasing tons of replayability via endings and routes you can take your campaign. The mod showcases a lot of self-sabotage, funny advisor feedback, huge poll swings, alternate endings, and lots of SpongeBob joy. When you complete the mod, the closing theme of SpongeBob SquarePants will play, and the mod has another note from Diamondy in the further reading section. Also included in the further reading section is a Google Doc which goes over the mod creation and the events within the world of SpongeBob 2008.[3]

There are a bunch of routes you can take like; conservative SpongeBob, liberal Squidward, and Perot Patrick, among other fun strategies you can take to make some interesting electoral maps. It has been proven possible for Squidward to win New York and California, SpongeBob can win Mississippi and Arkansas, and Patrick can win outright, and many strategies have been formed by the community to get the most electoral votes possible.[4][5][6][7]


These achievements can be unlocked on the New Campaign Trail (with the mod loaded) and Campaign Trail Showcase:

Endings (SPOILERS)[edit]

There are tons of special endings in this fascinating mod, and the most notable endings go as follows;

Stephen Hillenburg Ending[edit]

The Stephen Hillenburg ending can be triggered as any candidate. In order for it to trigger, you must drop out as the candidate you play as and endorse Hillenburg on the 24th question. After you do so, Hillenburg will sweep every state and will be elected president. This ending includes a nice tribute to the late Hillenburg, as well going over a brief summary of his presidency. The ending also gives you the Secret Ending achievement.

Red Mist Ending[edit]

The Red Mist ending can be triggered if you lose every state as Squidward. After you lose every state and click on the "Final Results" button, the theme will turn from a bright joyful SpongeBob theme to a blood-red spooky theme. A few images from the Rest Mist video are present, as the ending screen image is the infamous Squidward bloodshot eyes screenshot. The ending song is a fanmade Red Mist song called "The Red Mist Is Coming (Squidward Suicide)" and it was made by DJElectricJes.[8] The ending text showcases the creepypasta known as Squidward's Suicide (otherwise known as the Red Mist creepypasta). The ending text also showcases Squidward's descent into madness after he loses every state, and commits suicide- marking this mod as one of the few TCT mods where you can kill someone else or die as yourself (the only other mods where this can occur is; 1948IW, 1844c, 1948N, 1936c Long, 1872, 2025NL, and 1930 Weimar).

SpongeBob 0 EV ending[edit]

Just like the Red Mist ending, this ending can occur if you lose every state, but as SpongeBob. As you go to the final results page, the theme will change into a spooky, cryptic version of the SpongeBob 2008 theme. The background turns into a dark version of SpongeBob's living room, and SpongeBob's image is him with no mouth and dried-out red eyes. The ending music is a soundtrack from the actual show, and it's called "Unease" and it was made by Dick Stephen Walter. This screen would turn out to be another cause of controversy later on, which will be discussed later.

A Sizable Victory to Boot![edit]

This ending can occur if you play as Patrick and win a large amount of EVs (not all of them - somewhere around 333). The ending screen describes the shock of the political establishment at your victory as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (your running mate) is ecstatic about his massive boost in fame, and while the screen does note you will have to deal with Republican and Democratic majorities in Congress, it remains hopeful for a more third party future.

Lord Patrick Ending[edit]

To get this ending, you need to gain every single EV as Patrick. The ending screen will then describe the story of the American Monarchy, with Patrick declaring himself King in 2010 and, after seeing his popularity plummet, turning the country into a hellish totalitarian dystopia that "would make Kim Jong Un Horrified". One night, seeing his popularity continue to nosedive, Patrick would look at his mirror, seeing his reflection slowly turn into a "hideous caricature" of him, which then recited every single morally corrupt act by His Majesty while declaring they were both one and the same. Patrick then broke the mirror and remains on the verge of a mental breakdown, with the country slowly collapsing around him.

The Concert of a Lifetime[edit]

To get this ending, choose Squidward with Kelpy G as his running mate and, as always, win every single electoral vote. The ending screen will show the New President-Elect and Vice President elect holding an impressive clarinet concert, with Squidward cherishing the moment.


As SpongeBob, win the election in a landslide (just like the Sizable Victory ending, gain many EVs but not all of them). The ending screen will mention how crippled the Republicans are, being in their "weakest state since FDR's first 6 years in office", and now SpongeBob can do whatever he wants (good all around, become a bipartisan hero or go down in the history books like LBJ or FDR). If you have Mermaid Man as your running mate, the ending will mention how he will help with contacts with the "Human World".

I'm you, but from the Past.[edit]

As Patrick, fail to win a single vote. Not as in electoral vote, a single vote. The ending will declare profound disappointment and shock before future Patrick arrives at the train-wreck that is your concession speech, clearly disappointed in you. You will then laugh at him and continue to eat ice cream as you slowly lose touch with reality.

Buff SpongeBob Ending[edit]

Named that due to the image that appears next to the victory screen, in order to get this ending you need to win every single electoral vote as SpongeBob. The ending screen will show a timeline of events, with President Bush having a stroke, Vice President Cheney going insane and killing someone, aligning with Mitch McConnell retiring. Patrick and Squidward are so shocked they can't even give you a concession speech. Depending on who you choose as your running mate, you can do other things, like celebrate with a party full of protein shakes (if you pick Larry, for example), the Democrats completely gain control of both Chambers of Congress as the Republican Party collapses and the 22nd amendment is overturned, all but guaranteeing an eternal SpongeBob Presidency.

Early stages and creation[edit]

August 2022[edit]

On August 23rd, 2022, a new TCT community member (and future Admin on the official TCT Discord server) by the name of Diamondy submitted a poll asking the Reddit which SpongeBob characters they would vote for in a fictional United States presidential election, and this poll included the aforementioned characters in the mod. This poll would gain a lot of traction gaining over 40 upvotes and nearly 400 total votes, with Squidward Tentacles winning the poll overall. SpongeBob finished second with Patrick coming close in third. The post had over 50 comments on it, however, a common theme that would become a major criticism of the mod would be the fact that Squidward was a Republican, and many people were asking questions as to why he wasn't a Democrat- citing the SpongeBob episode "Squid on Strike" which includes Squidward going on strike and having similar tones to that of Bernie Sanders. Diamondy addresses the points stating that Squidward is not a "traditional Republican" later on in the mod's development, but at the time he said he had no idea where to put Squidward on the political spectrum.[9]

Diamondy would then post the mod announcement of SpongeBob 2008 alongside a banner just 2 hours after the initial poll post on the Reddit, asking them whom they would vote for if they lived in the SpongeBob 2008 timeline. The mod announcement post featured the banner to the mod, alongside a release date sometime in December 2022 - March 2023 (which would later be delayed due to events that will be mentioned soon), a potential sequel, and other miscellaneous topics relating to the mod. This post would gain 50 upvotes, alongside 38 comments, most of the commenters being excited for the mod, with some asking questions and making suggestions. Future writer Lieutenant Dan Taylor posted the mod announcement just one day before Diamondy became active in the Discord server, saying he loves the mod idea. [10]

On August 24th, 2022, Diamondy would then post the starting margins to the mod alongside the map colors, and then he would post the official mod theme 5 hours later, both posts garnering around 50 upvotes combined.[11][12] During this time, Diamondy would officially begin talking in the official TCT Discord server around 7:30 PM EST, and he talk to people about SpongeBob 2008. Around 11:30 PM EST, he would begin asking people if they want to help with SpongeBob 2008, and that's when he met his lead writer Lieutenant Dan Taylor. Lt. Dan would decide to help Diamondy write the mod, and eventually the conversation would go to DMs where they discussed things about the mod. Lt. Dan would write up running mates, descriptions, and other things related to the Code 1 of the mod. He would then suggest different pictures for the candidates, as the ones that Diamondy picked out weren't the highest quality. Diamondy would then show off parts of the mod to Astro and Jake Dionysos, who mostly approved of it. Diamondy]] would eventually ask Jake if he wanted to help with advisor feedback, and Jake accepted- however, this would prove not to last long as Jake would be busy with other projects like Viva Kennedy and Midnight.

September 2022[edit]

In the meantime, Lieutenant Dan Taylor would write the questions for SpongeBob without feedback for about 3 weeks and SpongeBob's writing (without advisor feedback) would be complete in early September 2022, and as Squidward's side was being written- something catastrophic happened to Diamondy's PC.

On September 16th, 2022, around 6:50 AM CST, Diamondy would reboot his Windows 11 machine as it needed an update. It got stuck on the 100% screen for about 10 minutes, and Diamondy would then attempt a restart. This didn't go over well, as the PC got stuck in a boot loop where it couldn't get into the main operating system, and his PC was announced as broken at 7:16 PM CST. The repair environment was seemingly broken, as none of the recovery options worked- and the command prompt was completely broken. Diamondy would then announce to the server that his PC is broken, and he cannot work on SpongeBob 2008 anymore until it was fixed. Diamondy would then go on to ask many members what to do with his PC, and he was asking for tips from; Raygun, Lieutenant Dan Taylor, Astro, Jake, and some others. Diamondy couldn't figure it out, and he had to go without a PC for about a month. Lieutenant Dan Taylor would continue to write for SpongeBob 2008 but would take a mini break until Diamondy's PC was fixed.

October 2022[edit]

In the early hours of October 22, 2022, Diamondy's PC would be back to working- however, his PC would have to be completely wiped and his backup hard drive only saved data from before April 2022. SpongeBob 2008 would be one of the many things erased, as it wasn't backed up. Diamondy would be upset about this, but he decided he wasn't giving up. Diamondy would make another Reddit post about what happened, and it would get around 21 upvotes.[13] Diamondy would then get back to where he was in the coding process before the crash happened (and he also switched to Google Docs for coding, as he was coding on Sublime text before this), as Lieutenant Dan Taylor would continue to write for the mod.

November 2022[edit]

Diamondy would then create his own modding team Discord on November 5th, 2022, and he invited; Lt. Dan, Jake, and Taz to it. They would discuss things related to the mod and its development, although Jake and Taz weren't present most of the time. Squidward's writing would then be completed on November 25th, 2022, albeit without advisor feedback.

December 2022[edit]

Diamondy and Lieutenant Dan Taylor would take a break for a little while, until Lieutenant Dan Taylor would invite Adeline to work on the mod and would invite her to the modding Discord server on December 30th, 2022. Patrick's writing would start on this day, and SpongeBob's advisor feedback would be completed on December 31st, 2022, just 9 hours before the start of the new year.

January 2023[edit]

As the new year of 2023 began, things went a bit slower from here, as Adeline slowly stopped working on the mod as she wrote SpongeBob's 0 EV ending and the first of Squidward's advisor feedback. On January 7th, 2023, Patrick's writing would be finished, but without feedback. Diamondy would then post an announcement with all of the descriptions and running mates on the Reddit, gaining around 85 upvotes and 24 comments, with them being mostly supportive.[14] Almost 24 hours later, someone on Twitter by the name of DarthLord_2000 would post about the mod, asking Twitter users whom they would vote for. The Tweet would gain almost 3,000 views alongside 40 likes and a few replies and Quote Tweets. Most of them said they would support Squidward, with Patrick and SpongeBob nearly being tied.[15] The same day, Lieutenant Dan Taylor had the opportunity to talk to Carolyn Lawrence via a Discord Meet and Greet, and he sent her the key documents to the mod. There was a possibility she could've shouted out the mod, but it never went through. On January 19th, 2023, SpongeBob's and Sandy's endings were complete and SpongeBob's side would be completely written on January 22nd, 2023.

Twitch showcases and final stages of the mod[edit]

March 2023[edit]

Diamondy would be burnt out from modding, but he would slowly code answer effects and endings. He would make a few Reddit posts updating people about the mod,[16] and on March 3rd, 2023, SpongeBob/Sandy would be completely coded in- just 10 minutes before Astro's next Twitch stream. Astro would then showcase the mod and the audience would begin to love it, and inside of the mod code was a secret message for Astro. Diamondy told him to click on it beforehand, and the answer read; "You know, there's this six year old from Michigan that deserves our attention more. It's fun to make fun of little children". Astro would click on it, and the advisor feedback read; "That six year old will become your wife, Astro, as she will become President, with you never being elected to School Board, let alone the Presidency. Get dunked on, nerd". Astro would feel a bit of sarcastic betrayal, and some people in Astro's audience would joke around about every copy of SpongeBob 2008 being personalized. Astro ended up losing his first run, but overall he approved of the mod. The Twitch chat would be very supportive of the mod, with few being opposed to it. After this run, Astro would go on to showcase primary candidates for Powell 2000. After the initial Twitch showcase, Diamondy would take a small break from modding, but quickly finished SpongeBob/Larry as Lieutenant Dan Taylor completed writing for Squidward's side in early March 2023, and SpongeBob/Mermaid Man and SpongeBob/Gary would be finished soon after, marking SpongeBob's side as complete on March 18th, 2023. He made another Reddit post about this, and it garnered 45 upvotes.[17] During this time, some playtesters were invited to play SpongeBob's side such as TomBox, Rubix, Ratsputin, and Outfox. They all gave great feedback, expressing some improvements that could be made- alongside support for the mod.

April 2023[edit]

Nearly a month later, Squidward's side would be completed on April 15th, 2023, with playtesters for Squidward's side would be invited to playtest by the names of; Fuecoco, Rickroll, JFNixon, Senator Cringe, Neo, and Coke Lives Matter. They would give good and extensive feedback about the mod, with Diamondy and Lieutenant Dan Taylor taking into account their positive feedback. Squidward/Krabs was scheduled to be showcased on Astro's stream on Twitch, but at around 6:00 PM EST and just an hour before the stream, Diamondy's area would be placed under a tornado watch and he stopped working on the mod shortly to flee to his safety. Thankfully nothing happened, and he resumed working on the mod, but the show already had begun with Diamondy rushing to finish the mod before the stream ended. During the stream, Astro took a little break and at around 10:25 PM EST, Squidward/Krabs would be finished and Diamondy would give the codes to Astro for him to play. Astro would then stream Squidward/Krabs during The Acceptance Speech (commonly referred to as the mod awards), and the chat would begin to like Squidward's side. Astro self sabotaged accidentally, and he dropped out endorsing Stephen Hillenburg and he got the ending for it. However, this was not supposed to happen as Diamondy gave Astro instructions beforehand of what not to do and as soon as Astro got the ending he went to the "Overall Details Page", hiding the ending. SpongeBob '08 would also be nominated for the "Most Anticipated Mod" award, alongside; Viva Kennedy '72, Midnight '68, 2000 Powell, 1924b, and Abyss '76. Viva Kennedy '72 ultimately ended up winning, but Diamondy appreciated that his mod was nominated at all. The day after Squidward's side was complete, all of the endings for Patrick would be completely written.

May 2023[edit]

Patrick would be completely coded in on May 2nd, 2023- and it took 251 days (approximately) to be completed. AstroHuncho would be invited to playtest the mod, and he liked the mod. Diamondy and Lt. Dan decided to release the mod at around 1:18 PM EST, just a day after SpongeBob's 24th anniversary.

Initial mod launch[edit]

Reddit reaction[edit]

The Reddit post would be posted and SpongeBob '08 would be officially released, and it was swarmed with attention, garnering around 132 upvotes and 42 comments.[18] Most commenters would be extremely supportive of the mod, and the mod would prove to be a major success. In fact, one post showcasing an ending screen for the Stephen Hillenburg ending (which will be showcased later and would also become the subject of controversy) gained around 112 upvotes and 15 comments, most of them being reminiscent of the late Stephen Hillenburg.[19]

Broken mod loader launch and bugs[edit]

People would begin to note bugs that Diamondy didn't catch before, as Tom (creator of 1948Red) pointed out to Diamondy that an ending for Patrick was bugged, and Diamondy started to freak out. Certain endings would be found to be bugged, and Diamondy had a hard time fixing them. Diamondy eventually fixed the bugs, and the endings worked- however, he would begin to face another challenge. He gave the codes to Astro, and the codes seemingly didn't work on the mod loader. When the user would attempt to play the mod through the mod loader, it didn't load and the base Dan Bryan scenarios showed up. Slowly the mod started to work, as Code 1 worked, and then Squidward and Patrick- but then something happened and it glitched things out. AngryGandhi would attempt to fix this by himself, and he was a major help according to Diamondy. This would go on for several hours until Diamondy eventually found a fix and the mod finally worked on the loader.

Reception, controversies, and legacy[edit]


The mod would be exceptionally received well, often being called one of the best mods and being compared to community classics like 1972d, 1972, 1864, and Viva Kennedy- and the community would often refer to SpongeBob '08 as one of the best mod jokes, shaping up the genre. Many modders like Tom, AstroHuncho, Jake, Taz, JFNixon, Snoo, and others being supportive of the mod.


Despite the mod being mostly harmless, it came with a fair share of controversies. First one was people making fun of the mod for being "childish", and some people were upset that Squidward was (once again) the Republican nominee. These criticisms were overshadowed by the overwhelmingly positive support of the mod on both the Reddit and Discord, however, the Twitter was a different story.

One infamous TCT Twitter user by the name of Ettingermentum posted about the mod, including a screenshot of a Reddit post about the Hillenburg ending and which reads "Oh shit like. They are actually children."[20] TCT Twitter's response to the mod overall was muted according to Duplicator, but overall the mod had a positive reception everywhere else, despite its small controversies.

Legacy and SpongeBob 2008 sequel[edit]


SpongeBob 2008, despite being seen as a silly joke mod, would shape up TCT modding overall, mostly in the joke mod section of the community. According to one Reddit poll posted by Tom, about half of the respondents to the poll (333 votes) said SpongeBob 2008 was a great mod.[21] Many posts on the Reddit relating to the mod were pretty positive, and as mentioned before, guides were created, and many screenshots were showcased of people playing the game. One Reddit poll asked who the best candidate to play was, and most of the respondents said Patrick Star, with SpongeBob and Squidward being almost equal.[22] Some particular posts were asking for a sequel, and one poll had most respondents saying yes to a SpongeBob 2008 sequel.[23] In other Reddit poll asking which mod was the best (not to be confused with The Acceptance Speech or The Dan Bryan Awards, as this poll isn't related to either one), SpongeBob 2008 came in fourth (ahead of 1936L, and 1968VK, but behind Midnight 64, 1972d, and 1864).[24]

SpongeBob 2008 Sequel[edit]

Main article: SpongeBob 2012

On June 11th, 2023, at 4 PM EST, a SpongeBob 2008 sequel (SpongeBob 2012) was announced by Lieutenant Dan Taylor on the behalf of Diamondy, with primaries scheduled to be conducted like VK1972 and 1952Red.[25] At 8:30 PM EST, the 2010 midterm results were released for the SpongeBobverse by Lieutenant Dan Taylor which was a massive red wave, as many Democrats (including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid) were unseated.[26] After 5 ballots, Squilliam Fancyson was nominated, defeating Freddy Fazbear, Mr. Krabs, Man Ray, Sheldon Plankton, Butch Hartman, and Old Man Jenkins.[27] These primaries had around 200 votes each time, with Freddy in the lead at first, but multiple scandals came out during the primaries causing his demise, and leading to Squilliam to win. On June 22nd, 2023, an official vice presidential vote was announced.[28] The candidates were Man Ray, Eugene Krabs, Kelpy G, and Karen Plankton. Ultimately, Man Ray won with 57% of the vote, avoiding a runoff and he became the canon running mate for Squilliam.[29] As of June 23rd, 2023, no release date for this mod has been announced, however, Diamondy has claimed that the mod may come out by the end of the year or the beginning of 2024. On July 11th, 2023, another Reddit post was released by Diamondy and the starting margins + candidates were announced for SpongeBob 2012, along with another mod announcement for Missouri Senate 2000.[30]


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