Sumer 68 - Loader

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Sumner 68 (Loader Version) is a reduxed Version of the original Sumner 68 mod, featuring Mr. Sumner being teleported to 1968 in order to run against George Wallace in the Presidential Election.

Candidates :

George Romney (Splitter Republican)

Charles Sumner (Republican)

George Wallace (Democrat)

The Scenario features the song system popularized by 2000N,

with the following songs :

(i forgot)

The Doors - People Are Strange

Endings (Spoilers)[edit | edit source]

Home Again[edit | edit source]

Sumner awakens back in 1869, and while things are seemingly back to normal, Sumner will never forget his experience in the future - and eventualy, the pain of what he saw will become too much and he will resign his office. However, he will never lose hope in the Nation.

To get this ending, I chose to continue campaigning even as I became sick and then lost to Wallace 435-96-7, with Wallace winning exactly 50% of the Popular Vote. If you know EXACTLY what triggers this ending, please feel free to edit.