Sumner 68

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Sumner 68
Creators No-Damage2000 (Writer)

AstroHuncho (Coder)

DillWesmond27 (Helper)

Hopefulmisery (Helper)

SilentCalCoolidge (Helper)

Genre Alt-History
  • Charles Sumner (R-MA)
  • Andrew Johnson (D-TN)

This page is about the original Sumner 68 mod. The one added to the Loader is Sumner 68 - Loader.

Sumner 1868 (or commonly referred to as Sumner '68) is a mod created by u/No-Damage2000, with coding help from AstroHuncho. The mod features Charles Sumner[1] as the Republican nominee against Democratic candidate Andrew Johnson[2], and President Abraham Lincoln is never assassinated and he becomes a radical-Republican, and he selects Charles Sumner as his VP instead of Andrew Johnson. Reconstruction[3] is a major issue in this mod, and the southern states have a mini civil war because of it. The the groups split on Reconstruction are as follows; The Bellums (anti-Reconstruction) and the Partisans (pro-Reconstruction). As of June 7th, 2023, no canon result has been released by No-Damage2000, but it is assumed Charles Sumner wins.

Gameplay and features[edit]

Sumner 68, despite it's appearance, has a few neat things about it, which ranges from; the theme, to the writing, and gameplay.


When you start up Sumner 68 through the codes (as of June 7th, 2023, it has not been added to the mod loader) you are greeted with a neat little banner for the mod, alongside a background image. No other parts of the mod change the NCT theme.


The writing of this mod is undoubtedly the reason why many people are interested in it. The mods writing has many grammatical and spelling errors, but in a way that is very humorous. The writing is unintelligible most of the time, which can be showcased most in the mods endings.[4]

These lines would become subject to copypastas, and many memes would be created from them. In fact, TCT Discord Admin Diamondy set himself to write a 1,000+ word document detailing why Sumner 68 is the greatest mod, containing much of the mods writing.[5] He then tried to play Sumner 68 1,000 times in one sitting, but then he gave up after 5 games, stating he doesn't have the time nor patience to do so.


The only playable candidate is Charles Sumner as of June 7th, 2023 (although a Andrew Johnson side might be created soon), and his (former) playable VPs are; Benjamin Wade, Jeremiah Hamilton, and Abraham Galloway. However, the Code 1 document has since been updated and these VPs have been since changed to; James Hinds, Isaac Roberts Hawkins, and John Adams Hyman. The gameplay in the updated version is largely similar to the original version, and the gameplay is very simple. Issue scores and global effects are mostly used, and the player is once again greeted with grammatical errors and typos. The game begins with Sumner being in the lead, and the popular vote being pretty evenly split.


Sumner '68, despite being seen as a complete joke, had quite a complex development phase, ranging from community backlash to grammatical errors galore.

Early stages and backlash[edit]

No-Damage2000 would post the Sumner '68 mod idea on the TCT Reddit on August 20th, 2022, and it did not go over well.[6] The post in question had many typos and grammatical errors (which would be the common theme for the mod in the future), and at first the TCT community did not like the mod idea. Many in the comments would go onto explaining why Sumner '68 isn't a good idea, and some went as far as to belittle No-Damage2000. No-Damage2000 would defend his mod idea in the comment section under this post, once again with typos and grammatical errors. Even though the post garnered a bunch of backlash, one particular Reddit user by the name of Hopefulmisery would take a liking to the mod idea, and would even help with the mod in the future.

Writing and coding process[edit]

Mod launch[edit]

The mod was released in a Merry Christmas post on Christmas Day in 2022. The mod received a mix of sarcastic criticism and positive responses.

Reception and legacy[edit]

Community reaction and memes[edit]