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Not to be confused with The Acceptance Speech, which was held by Decstar.

The Dan Bryan Awards, also known as The Dannys, is an annual award show created by Tom1923, named for Dan Bryan, the creator of The Campaign Trail. In contrast to The Acceptance Speech, which is chosen by a panel of discord members, The Dannys are chosen by popular vote within the subreddit. The first incarnation of these awards were held on March 30th, 2023, and saw 1972d win six of out of the twelve awards, the current record.

The 2023 Dan Bryan Awards[edit | edit source]

The 2023 Dan Bryan Awards were the first annual award ceremony and hosted by Tom1923 with special guest speaker Dan Bryan. Nominations for the Awards were made beginning March 16[1], with voting on those nominated mods released at the earliest on March 22, 2022 being made on March 23, 2023[2]. On the post for nominations after voting had already begun the Subreddit was delighted by a comment[3] from Dan Bryan, who after being messaged by Tom1923 earlier expressed his encouragement for the Awards in a message which would be shared later in the awards post. The voting post also contained a teaser[4] for 1948Red, which would release one week after the show's conclusion.

Soon after the announcement of the Dan Bryan Awards, the Subreddit saw the announcement of a second award ceremony, The Acceptance Speech, a more official award show which was created by Decstar. The two award shows are very similar, although they aren't connected with each other. The difference between The Acceptance Speech and The Dan Bryan Awards is that TAS is run by the official NCT website and the nominees are chosen by a set of Discord panel members and members of the community- whereas The Dan Bryan Awards solely relies on using the popular vote.

There were fourteen awards handed out in the Dan Bryan Awards[5], which took place on March 30th. Of this total, 1972d won the most accolades.

Mod Awards
1972d 6
1864 3
1972McGoverning 1
2008Trump 1
1976Italy 1

These awards fit into the following fourteen categories, with the number of votes received specified after each item:

Award Winner Runners-up
DBA for Most Fun Candidate Gus Hall (1972d): 55 Joe Biden (1988Biden): 30

Spiro Agnew (1976Agnew): 26 Theodore Roosevelt (1916b): 17 George Wallace (1968VK): 11

DBA for Best Writing 1864: 51 1972d: 49

2000Bateman: 30 2008Trump: 24 1872: 6

DBA for Best Gameplay 1972d: 42 1920b: 24

1968VK: 23 1864: 21 2008Trump: 18

DBA for Most Challenging Mod 1972McGoverning: 51 1920b: 25

1872: 21 1984: 20 1976Italy: 15

DBA for Most Humorous Mod 2008Trump: 51 2000Bateman: 32

1988Biden: 19 2012ChrisChan: 17 2019NK: 17

DBA for Mod With The Most Technical Innovation 1972d: 58 1976Italy: 49

2000N: 43 1864: 13 1916b: 6

Michael Dukakis Award for Community Member With Most Contribution u/ItsAstronomics: 78 u/jake_dionysos: 28

u/campaigntrailaccount: 25 u/DecstarG: 19 u/rekkotekko: 9

DBA for Best Mod That Takes Place Before 1960 1864: 88 1920b: 48

1952b: 16 1872: 13 1876: 6

DBA for Best Mod That Takes Place After 1960 1972d: 62 1968VK: 30

2008Trump: 29 1996Powell: 21 1976Agnew: 13

DBA for Best International Mod 1976Italy: 131 2019NK: 32

1836TX: 11

DBA for Best Alternate-History Mod 1972d: 57 1968VK: 32

1916b: 28 1920b: 26 1988Biden: 22

DBA for Best Mod Based on a Historical Election 1864: 109 1984: 38

1872: 14 1876: 6 1828: 4

DBA for Best Modmaker u/ItsAstronomics: 62 u/jake_dionysos: 45

RouteVenus: 16 u/astrohunch_o: 13 u/DecstarG: 12

DBA for Mod of the Year 1972d: 55 1864: 48

2008Trump: 16 1968VK: 14 1920b: 13

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