The Devil Went Down To Georgia

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The Devil Went Down To Georgia is an achievement in New Campaign Trail. To receive this achievement, the player needs to win Georgia as Nixon in base 1968.

The icon for the achievement, as it displays when completed

Guide[edit | edit source]

VP: Reagan

Visits: Georgia

1. My primary focus is to return law and order to this country. The riots, the murders, the drug use, and the protests we've seen since 1965 are unacceptable.

2. The Vietnam War and the disorder in this country shows that our leadership has failed. I will work for American enterprise, end the war with honor, and end the violence in the streets. 3. We need to be very cautious about this program. It's important to ensure that the indigent can receive care, but programs like these always run the risk of adding precipitously to our national deficit.

4. We can't have the American people saying that I'm afraid to debate Hubert Humphrey. Let's do it. (RNG 3249)

5. How can anyone be satisfied with the course our nation has taken? Inflation is killing the value of the dollar and the gold standard itself is at risk. Unemployment is highest under the Johnson Administration among the very people he claims to care about the most.

6. Whites and Negroes are naturally unsuited to mix together in society. The entire premise of desegregation is a farce, and my campaign is dedicated to ending this misguided policy.

7. We shall certianly be campaigning in the South to some extent. We can't just concede the entire region to Wallace.

8. I stand opposed to the legal segregation of our schools. Legal segregation promotes inferior education. I also think that busing promotes inferior education. My goal is to see every child in this country get a good education.

9. We have a system in place that gives precedence to the rights of criminals over law-abiding citizens. I will take a firm stand on this issue as President.

10. I believe that the troop strength we have now is sufficient to hold the lines until we obtain a peace agreement.

11. I will do my best to ensure that this program is managed soundly and does not become some kind of welfare program without accountability.

12. I believe that existing government agencies can handle the issues we have. It does upset any decent American to see rivers filled with black sludge and industrial waste.

13. I support the War on Poverty as it stands. We have passed a lot of new initiatives and we should wait to see what effect they have. To me, cracking down on the law and order issues is more important.

14. I fully support the Supreme Court in this decision. I don't know how someone in 1968 can stand up and fight against two peoples' right to marry each other.

15. We have bigger priorities to deal with right now in America. I don't think that most Americans support or expect this kind of an initiative.

16. My goal is President will be to negotiate a comprehensive peace treaty between North and South Vietnam and end this war. That is the only real solution.

17. We should always be looking for areas of agreement, however limited, between ourselves, the Soviet Union, and Red China. At the very least, we can implement arms treaties and avoid the threat of a nuclear war.

18. I'm more worried about keeping the rest of the South from going to Wallace. I'm less concerned about Humphrey's chances in Texas.

19. I do support the intervention. We also need to reexamine our policies in general towards Latin America to ensure higher economic growth and more political freedom there.

20. Dr. King is an American hero. I'm proud of his efforts to desegregate the southern schools and businesses, and I was deeply affected by his tragic demise this year.

21. Right now we have the strongest economy almost in the history of the United States. Unemployment is at 3% and our national output is growing at a furious pace. Compared to this, our 4% inflation rate is a pretty minor concern.

22. I will definitely work towards the control of nuclear weapons as President. I sincerely hope that we can work out a reasonable agreement on this issue.

23. I will crack down on dope-smoking, homosexuality, LSD binging, illegal protesting, and flag-burning. These practices are the tools of left-wingers and Communists who wish to undermine our society.

24. We want to compete in every southern state. I will run to the right of Wallace on economic issues while lamenting the interference of the federal government in education and housing.

25. This will guarantee victory for us if successful. Let's roll the dice. (RNG 3246/3245)