The People's President

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The People's President is an achievement obtainable in the 2008 mod. To gain the achievement you must say "We should have broken up these monopolistic corporations years ago and brought the financial sector closer to the people." on question 9 as McCain and win. You can play on any difficulty.



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Congratulations, Comrade McCain. You have served well. The foolish American pigs suspected nothing as we infiltrated their highest office with one of our own. The cover story of 'being tortured by the North Vietnamese' was enough to bypass their suspicions. As this is being written, almost twenty million soldiers are being shipped to America to assist with the elimination of all remaining resistance. The capitalists truly did fool themselves into thinking that we wouldn't place agents within their own government. Comrade McCarthy successfuly diverted focus so that our true target, the Republican Party, could be transformed into the party of the working man. The attempt to destroy the Soviet Union has left us scarred and deformed, but we assure you... our resolve has never been stronger. The remaining capitalists will be hunted down and defeated. In order to ensure security and continuing stability the United States will be reorganised into the American Soviet Republic for a safe and secure society. Now, a new era will emerge. Long live the American Soviet Republic!


Guide (Tom Ridge)(Visit Ohio and Pennsylvania)(Might need a few runs):

1. I’d like to take a trip to Europe, meeting with NATO leaders to talk about Russia and giving the European Union my assurance that the United States is committed to collaborating on strengthening relations, and tackling current economic issues.

2. Tom Ridge served admirably as head of Homeland Security, and knows a thing or two about good judgement, and keeping our country safe. I greatly value the fact that his stances have wide appeal with most Americans.

3. In 2008, it is clear that the American people want change. I will build upon the progress made in the last eight years, while working with both parties in Congress to forge a path ahead. My opponent claims he represents change, but his ideas of big government and raising taxes are just as old and out of touch as ever.

4. I’d rather not make a big deal of the endorsement; I’d be happy to let him endorse me, but tying my name to Bush so vocally might hurt our chances in the long run.

5. There’s no way we can compete with Obama’s celebrity status. Let him grab the attention for a bit, while we solidify our campaign organization, unveil specific policy planks, and continue to spread the message that I am the experienced, capable candidate who can lead our nation in troubled times.

6. There’s no point trying to compete with Obama’s celebrity online. What we can do is outrun him on television. I want to be hitting the swing states hard with advertisements. We can lock up the older voters in a way Obama can’t.

7. Only if that’s what it takes to defeat the terrorists. My number one priority is creating the conditions to get American soldiers home, and those conditions are safety at home and safety abroad.

8. Congress needs to act quickly on President Bush’s stimulus plan, providing $700 billion to keep our financial institutions from collapse. We also need strict transparency measures, and a bipartisan oversight board to ensure the money doesn’t go into a black hole of bad debt.

9. We should have broken up these monopolistic corporations years ago and brought the financial sector closer to the people. Too big to fail is too big to exist. How many Americans will suffer at the hands of this Bush-made crisis before they realize the folly of capitalism? (achievement answer)

10. 5201

11. I’d like to take some time, maybe an ad spot or two, to specifically target the people who are spreading these lies, disavow them and disprove them. We need to come together as Americans, and we’ll reach out to the Obama campaign to make it happen.

12. The question of abortion is one we all grapple with. It is a serious topic that deserves serious discussion, and although I will govern in a staunchly pro-life manner, I respect Tom Ridge’s honesty and integrity about such a contentious issue, and I trust him to handle this question on his own.

13. Obama is too dangerous for America. I want that to be the message we’re putting out -- on the internet, on the television, everywhere. I want a massive robocall campaign to hammer the point home: we don’t know the real Barack Obama.

14. I plan to revolutionize health care. By deregulating individual insurance markets so people can get covered across state lines, we can provide a tax credit of up to $5000 to offset the cost of insurance. Senator Obama will impose a mandate that will hurt small businesses immeasurably.

15. We need to turn the tables. Let’s release an ad highlighting his disrespect for our troops in Afghanistan, and how he voted to cut off their funding, increasing the risk to their lives. Obama is too dangerous for America.

16. No ma’am. He’s a decent family man - a citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, that’s what this campaign is all about - he’s not.

17. I do support closing the center at Guantanamo, and I certainly oppose the use of torture against detainees. All that we have accomplished through maintaining these policies is providing more recruits to al-Qaeda.

18. This is a “change” election, and people are going to cast their vote for the candidate of change. Instead of swimming against the tide, we should be casting myself as the real change candidate by emphasizing my moderate positions and maverick history.

19. I believe climate change is a serious issue, and if you look at my record, you can see I’ve taken it very seriously. We need to innovate in nuclear, solar, wind and ethanol, and as President I will work to achieve a 65% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.

20. I would support peoples’ rights to enter into legal agreements, for insurance and other areas. The unique status of marriage should be retained between a man and a woman. I don’t, however, support a federal ban.

21. Yes, I believe Roe should be overturned. I would support a constitutional amendment banning abortion in all cases outside rape, incest and risk to the mother.

22. We need to increase our energy independence. The best way to do this is to expand offshore drilling making new investments in electric cars and nuclear energy. I oppose a windfall profits tax, unlike Senator Obama.

23. I’m uncomfortable going too hard on Wright -- it risks bringing racial undertones into the campaign. We’ll instead mention him, alongside Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko, and point to the web of connections Obama has with radicals. Are we supposed to believe these associations are all coincidence?

24. The many crises facing our nation demand a steady hand. I may not be able to reach above my head, but I will reach across the aisle to make sure both parties are united in working for the American people. Let’s come together, and bring the right kind of change to our beloved country.

25. (Go with Ohio or Pennsylvania, whichever is lower)