The Vice With No Vice

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The Vice With No Vice is an achievement in The New Campaign Trail, obtained from winning with a Nixon/Goldwater ticket in 1960, on normal difficulty or higher.

Guide[edit | edit source]

VP: Goldwater (per requirement)

Difficulty: Normal

Allocation: Proportional

Visits: New York (most EVs)

Reliability: Somewhat consistent

Q1: I will pledge, as much as possible, to continue the policies of Dwight Eisenhower when I am President. I will also emphasize my experience in Eisenhower's Administration, particularly in world affairs.

Q2: Barry Goldwater is an Air Force veteran, a rugged individualist, and a man of principle. I'm proud to have him on my ticket.

Q3: We are on the right track economically. We can't deny that there was a recession in 1958, but the recovery has been strong and 1960 will see a very high rate of growth in this country.

Q4: We can always find areas for improvement, but we have successfully defended the United States and our allies from numerous Communist threats over the past eight years.

Q5: I prefer a slightly different program, offering health insurance to the elderly that they can choose to purchase. The proposed program was mandatory, and also covered only those covered by the Social Security Act.

Q6: We can never be fully satisfied, but we have certainly held our own in the Cold War over the past eight years, compared to where we were during the Korean War.

Q7: I am as satisfied as I can be. With sound defense policies and strong economic growth, we should continue to maintain our advantage over the Soviet Union.

Q8: I think our best chance this year will come from winning the Midwest and Northeast. I can't make any promises about visiting the South.

Q9: This needs to be a key centerpiece of our campaign. Our current President is widely popular, and I can easily make the case that I was a central part of his Administration.

Q10: Honestly, I'd rather that people didn't bring this issue up. People know that Kennedy is Catholic, and this can only galvanize his support from that sector.

Q11: He absolutely did, and I would like to see further action to desegregate our schools and enforce our civil rights.

Q12: I support the civil rights movement, but I'm a little concerned about the disregard for the law that some of these activists have shown.

Q13: Absolutely not. We cannot show weakness in the face of the Soviet threat, and the Paris Summit collapsed from the intransigence of Nikita Khrushchev.

Q14: Not particularly. Our campaign would prefer to move on to other issues to be perfectly honest.

Q15: I've been a champion debater for my entire life. I'd be happy to go against Kennedy on TV. (RNG 3728)

Q16: I believe we need to defend South Vietnam at all costs, whatever commitment of our forces that entails.

Q17: I would be open to this, depending on how the economy goes in the next year or two.

Q18: We should be vigilant against labor union excesses, and the Taft-Hartley Act was a good start. I believe that we should keep that law in place.

Q19: Our current minimum wage is sufficient in my opinion. The minimum wage is a necessary expedient, but we shouldn't be increasing it so much that we cause unemployment.

Q20: We should always be concerned about internal subversion, but the external Soviet threat should be our primary focus at this point.

Q21: I'm not satisfied with how well teachers are paid in this country, and I'd encourage local jurisdictions to address this issue further. We need to strike a good balance in this regard.

Q22: If we continue our current economic policies, the economy should continue to recover into the 1960s and we will see a rebound in our employment rate.

Q23: Let's make a call to Mrs. King to offer our condolences, and let's demand the release of Mr. King.

Q24: I want Eisenhower to focus on the Midwest.

Q25: We will campaign up and down New York and the Eastern Seaboard.