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In the current state of this wiki, everything!

Pages needing in-depth content can be found here: Stubs

Also, please focus efforts on mods that have had a lasting impact on the community, such as Viva Kennedy, 1916b and sequels, 1972d, and 1864. Thanks!

Here is a list of things that need to have pages made in a timely fashion:

-A page for each of the original 14 scenarios from The Campaign Trail, as well as 1964, which was made an "original" scenario in The New Campaign Trail. Explain the basics of each election, achievements, and the legacy of the scenario. Do the same for the list of mods current on the mod loader. List of Mods.

-A page for notable individuals in the community, and their impact. Let's try and keep it to positive impact only, not "villains" of the community, per se. Let's also try to have these pages be NON-autobiographical, just for the sake of neutrality.